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Which Charger ? Solar or Power bank ?

The 3 Categories of Portable Chargers

  1. A usb rechargeable battery with a reserve of power
  2. A compact solar panel for constant solar trickle charge in any natural light
  3. Range from 1-8 reserve phone charges + solar input
  4. Suitable for powering our usb lights and torches
  5. Ideal for light travel/Camping individual portable power
  1. A compact light robust folding solar panel, no battery
  2. Range in power from 7w-100w and outputs for 5v usb charged, 12v and 18v
  3. Sophisticated solar controllers give reliable constant power in any natural light
  4. Range from charging 2 x Phones/Tablets/Power Banks or 19v Laptops, 12v Batteries
  5. Suitable for ongoing off grid portable power, Boats, Campervans and Overland vehicles
  1. A usb rechargeable battery with a reserve of power
  2. Suitable for storing power from our Solar Panel Chargers
  3. Range from 1-8 stored phone charges
  4. Includes waterproof and 'jump starter' power bank models
  5. Suitable for every day back up portable power and when combined with our Solar Panel Chargers ongoing off grid power reserve.
MSC power stick charging iPhone 4s
MSC power stick charging iPhone 4s

Why is there such a variation in price and performance between apparently identical power banks and solar chargers on Ebay and Amazon ?

  • Many manufacturers buy in the same shells
  • Most are built for the Asian market
  • The electronics and batteries are built to a price and standard
  • The crucial component is the battery, Grade A or Samsung are the best and most expensive, less loss on transfer, much greater longevity of service
  • True capacity is often misrepresented, i.e. a 30000mah battery cannot weigh only 150g !,
  • Generally, you get what you pay for, better ingredients, 1 year warranty
  • If your Charger will rarely see daylight, choose a Power Bank with a larger battery
  • If your charger will get the chance to see natural light, look at the Solar range
MSC Solar charger and iPhone
MSC 2.5w Solar Phone Charger

Are Solar phone chargers any good ?

  • You generally get what you pay for, a decent battery and internal electronics.
  • All have a USB chargeable battery with between 2-8 charges as a reserve.
  • Does not require any light when charging a phone or USB device.
  • The MSC solar chargers can all recharge from any mains, PC or car USB.
  • The solar panel will trickle charge the inbuilt battery in any natural light.
  • Hold their charges for months, when not in use.
  • The solar trickle charge allows more charges from a given size and weight of battery.
  • The larger ones are able to give on going off grid power.
  • For example, our 12w folding solar will charge a phone same speed as the mains, for free.
MSC Overland Power Bank Charging Laptop
MSC Overland Power Bank Charging Laptop

What can I charge with an MSC Solar Charger or Power Bank ?

  • All mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Sony
  • All 5v Tablets including iPad, Nexus and Samsung
  • Electronic cigarettes and all mp3 players including iPod
  • USB charged Garmin, GoPro, compact Cameras, VHF and GPS
  • Any 5v USB charged device including our LED lights and USB torches
  • Laptops and Cameras from theĀ  Overlander' charger
  • Any 12v Battery and inverter from our larger folding Solar Panel chargers
  • Jump start Vehicle and Boat engines with the 'Overlander' Power Bank
  • Multiple USB 6 port and 10 port mains chargers

  • Genuine proven products, not copies, True Capacity, Samsung or Grade A premium batteries

  • A solution to the new Airport restrictions to prove your device works

  • Universal, Reliable portable chargers, backup power for all USB charged devices, Phones, Tablets, etc

  • Keep your 'Mobile' mobile, portable power fit for purpose

  • Specialist UK retailer of unique, proven products, established 2012, 1 year warranty on all products

  • All our portable Power Banks and travel phone chargers recharge from usb mains, PC, car and the solar ones also have the addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

MSC QI wireless charging and iPhone 4s
MSC QI wireless charging and iPhone 4s

Can I use QI wireless charging for my phone ?

Wireless Phone Chargers

  • Your phone needs a QI wireless receiver, inbuilt with recent Nokia and Nexus phones
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2 and Note 3 are pre-wired and just need one of our Genuine QI receivers, fitted behind battery
  • Apple iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s just needs a receiver jacket, which also doubles as a protective removable case
  • You also need a QI Wireless Transmitter, either our in-car wireless charger, USB wireless charging pad or one of our combined wireless charging pads and power banks
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