Solar Mobile Phone Chargers | Solar Power Bank

  • Suitable for backup & short term off-grid use, for extended travel choose a Power Bank & Folding Solar Panel Charger & power bank.

  • Portable rechargeable battery packs, solar power banks, with added solar backup to recover and store charge in any natural light (UV).

  • Recharge from mains/USB and also from built-in solar panel

  • Even our smallest external solar battery (5000mAh) has enough reserve to charge an iPhone at least twice, a long w/e, solar increases that capacity.

  • Recharge from mains USB, PC USB and also trickle charge in direct sunlight, giving extra charges from a given capacity.

  • Range from 1- 6+ phone charges per recharge.

  • Solar Chargers backup for Camping, Cycling, Hiking, Festivals and all leisure activities.

  • Retain power for months, constant recharge in any direct natural light, sunny or cloudy.

  • NB. Windscreens cut out most UV light

Is a solar powered phone charger really useful in the UK?

  • Our 12w panel can charge an iPhone at the same speed as the mains, when in sun light,
  • Recharge via mains USB, PC, Car USB and in addition, Solar

  • Hold charge for months, even when in a pocket

  • Any direct sunlight will trickle charge the battery.

  • Get more charges per given capacity of battery, less weight
  • Always have power in an emergency

These are all portable rechargeable batteries or solar power banks, with the addition of solar back up for when you are 'off-grid' or to increase the number of charges you would get from a standard power bank, since they will all recover some charge when in direct sunlight.  Although it is true that the brighter the sunlight (not obscured by glass or shadow) the faster the solar panel can convert energy, the solar battery charger just needs direct sunlight  to trickle charge the inbuilt rechargeable battery charger.

By using solar power to recharge the battery pack when not being used, (rather than just a solar panel charger) these devices act as a stand alone portable phone charger or Power Bank to make sure you're never left with a flat mobile phone battery in an emergency.

In the UK especially, the solar panel needs to be seen in context, they are not nuclear reactors, but they will re-charge the power bank over time, on a daily basis, most people will plug the charger into their PC whilst at work, or the mains overnight. All our power banks retain at least 80% of their charge for months.

What's the best solar charger for my needs?

The smaller capacity solar chargers are designed for a few days away, a reserve before you leave of 3 + phone charges with the added benefit of daily solar recovery in any natural light.  The larger capacity chargers, with greater reserve and solar surface area, are able to give a phone ongoing power, with the option of a mains top up if needed. For expeditions and extended time away, they can also be boosted by one of our solar panels. Our solar chargers have been to Everest Base, up Kilimanjaro and across the Atlantic and used by the Military.

A large misconception about solar energy is that it can only be converted when it is sunny outside. This is actually not the case. Although it is true that it works better when it is bright outside, it only needs direct sunlight to work. Whether it is rain or shine, solar energy can still be sourced as long as it is during the day. Although we have developed the Lithium battery almost as far as we can, Solar technology is improving significantly, as an example our very compact 11w folding solar panel charger delivers the same power as a mains socket, for free, each day.

All of our solar chargers have a power pack attached to it enabling them to work as a standard Power Bank, even if they never see the light of day.  Don’t hesitate to ask us which will be more suited to you.

Take a look through our solar chargers and if there are any questions that you have about them or how they work we will be more than happy to answer them. Just contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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