Which Charger ? Solar or Power bank ?

The 3 Categories of Portable Chargers

  1. Suitable as an emergency back up and light use off-grid phone charging.
  2. A detachable USB rechargeable battery with a small folding solar panel.
  3. A compact solar panel for constant solar trickle charge in any natural light.
  4. Range from 1-4 reserve phone charges + solar input.
  5. Suitable for powering our USB lights..
  1. Suitable for indefinite off-grid power when used with a Power Bank.
  2. A compact light robust folding solar panel, no battery.
  3. For 5V USB devices (Phones/Tablets etc) 8W to 20W will suffice.
  4. For higher voltages (larger devices & portable Power Stations) you need 30W minimum
  5. Range in power from 8W-200W and outputs for 5V usb charged, 12V, 18V & 32V.
  6. Sophisticated solar controllers give reliable power in any natural light.
  7. Suitable for ongoing off grid portable power, Boats, Campervans and Overland vehicles.
  8. Can be used at home in Emergency during power cuts.
  9. Plug and play, work in any natural light.
  1. Suitable for every day back up portable power and when combined with our Solar Panel Chargers indefinite off-grid power.
  2. All Expedition proven, suitable for home use in emergency during power cuts.
  3. Rechargeable via 5V USB, Mains or our Folding Solar Panels.
  4. Suitable for storing power from our Solar Panel Chargers.
  5. WIll recharge any portable device with a voltage of 5V-220V.
  6. Range from 1-50 stored phone charges, 20Wh -2500Wh.
  7. Includes waterproof and 'jump starter' power bank models.
Mobile Solar Chargers at Everest
Mobile Solar Chargers at Everest

How do I choose the right Mobile Solar Phone Charger?

The two main defining characteristics of solar chargers are the size of the battery (i.e. what they can charge and the frequency that the solar battery charger may need to recharge) and the surface area (size) of the solar panels. As a rule of thumb, you need up to 2.5Ah + of a portable battery charger to get one full smart-phone charge.

The combined solar chargers will suffice to keep your phone topped up for emergency backup in power cuts or a few days away. For longer trips, independent travel, Expeditions and off-grid power choose a suitableĀ Power Bank and a folding Solar Panel for indefinite reliable portable power.

For Expeditions and Group travel, please get in touch to discuss your power requirements. We have powered a number of Expeditions (Arctic/Borneo/PNG etc) in hostile environments with temperatures ranging from -40C to +40C, it is important to start with the right kit.


Te. 01935 824918

MSC Solar in Gobi Desert
MSC Solar in Gobi Desert

Why is there such a variation in price and performance between apparently identical power banks and solar chargers on Ebay and Amazon ?

  • Many manufacturers buy in the same shells, most are built for the Asian/African market.
  • The electronics and batteries are built to a price and standard.
  • The crucial component is the battery, LG, Sankyo or Samsung are the best and most expensive, with less loss on transfer, and much greater longevity of service.
  • We do not sell out products on Amazon or Ebay, and rely on word-of-mouth recomendation.
  • True capacity is often misrepresented, i.e. a 30000mah battery cannot weigh only 150g !
  • Generally, you get what you pay for, better ingredients, 1-year warranty
  • If your Charger will rarely see daylight, choose a Power Bank with a larger battery
  • If your charger will get the chance to see natural light, look at the Solar range
MMSC 60W Folding Solar & MSC Power Banks
MSC 60W Folding Solar & MSC Power Banks

What can I charge with an MSC Solar Charger or Power Bank ?

  • All mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Sony.
  • All 5V Tablets including iPad, Nexus and Samsung.
  • Electronic cigarettes and all mp3 players including iPod.
  • USB charged Garmin, GoPro, compact Cameras, VHF and GPS.
  • Any 5V USB charged device including our LED lights and solar lantern.
  • Any 12V-24 Laptops, Portable Radios, CPAP, Satellite Phones, Thermal Cameras, Ultra-sound & most portable devices.
  • Any 12V Battery and larger capacity Power Bank from our larger folding Solar Panel chargers.
  • The larger Power Stations also have an inverter for charging 240V devices including electric Drills..
  • Jumpstart Vehicle and Boat engines with the 'Overlander ' Power Banks.
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