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Preparing for a power cut & keeping phones charged

Posted by Msc tim on November 8th 2022

How do you keep your Phones & Tablets charged during a power cut? We have provided portable solar power for Expeditions & Travel over the past 10 years and some of these tips may be of use.


Tips on using power on a boat

Posted by Msc tim on February 12th 2021

I hope some of the following tips may be of use and perhaps reduce the number of times you need mains hook-up or to run the engine for recharging.


Emergency Break Down Kit | Mobile Solar Charger

Posted by Msc tim on September 30th 2019

We all hope for the best when travelling by car, but especially in the winter months, it can always go alittle wrong, either vehicle or weather related. This article suggests a list of suitable things to carry for that possible emergency


Improve Your Phone Battery | Solar Chargers

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on September 27th 2018

Getting The Most From Your Phone Battery - Tips And Tricks When it comes to getting the most from your battery, a lot of people will try a lot of different things. It’s no secret that when using a solar charger, you’re sort of limited to the time the sun is out and shining. Therefore, you really need to get the most from your devices while they’re in use.


Useful Kit to take on a Cruise | Solar Chargers

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on March 23rd 2018


James Redden Sponsored by Mobile Solar Chargers

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on April 14th 2016

James Redden ( has just set out on the 'Last two Degrees' 200km solo walk the the North Pole for Charity. Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd have sponsored him with solar panels, solar chargers, power banks and lights.


Thinnest & lightest Portable Solar Charger | Mobile Solar

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on July 10th 2015

Marketed as the “world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger” YOLK have taken to Kickstarter to raise the required $50,000 the company needs to take their Solar Paper charger to market. The Solar Paper is the first solar charger to be thin enough to be placed inside your notebook or planner and is also ultra lightweight.


Solar Chargers for Boats | Solar Chargers for Camper Vans

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on May 25th 2015

Mobile Solar Chargers have developed a range of portable phone chargers and solar panel chargers particularly suited to canal boats and yachts.


Back Up Chargers for Expeditions | Solar Chargers

Posted on May 21st 2015

Do you require a back up charger for Expeditions? With the recent developemnts in solar panels and batteries we now have a range of 'modular' power banks, and solar chargers, particularly suited to Expeditions and off grid travel


Travel phone Chargers | Small Power Banks

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on May 18th 2015

A compact phone charger to keep your phone charged on aircraft and for general travel and holidays.


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