Back up Travel Phone Chargers

BAck up travel Phone Charging - 18th May 2015

The MSC Power stick is the size of a large lipstick, fits in any pocket or bag and yet has enough power for 1 + charges of any mobile phone. It is ideally suited for air travel and holidays, can be carried in the cabin, but means you still have a charge even when you land. It holds its charge when not in use, compatible with any usb charged phone or iPod and is recharged via any usb socket. We also have a range of larger power banks and solar chargers.  For help choosing the right charger for you, simply call 01935 825914. We have 3 years experience of the products we sell and are able to offer expert advice that's tailored to your requirements. 

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on May 18th 2015

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