Solar Paper, the shape of things to come

Solar Paper is the world’s smallest 2,5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W solar chargers. When it is sunny it can charge an iPhone 6 in about 2.5 hours. It has the similar charging speed as a wall charger. We have the world’s top technology making highly efficient solar panels. It means that it can generate more energy than any other solar panels that have the same size.

While the volume of competitor’s solar charger is 16.5cm x 22.9cm x 3.8cm and weight is 460g, Volume of Solar Paper’s is 9cm x 19cm x 1.1cm and weight is 120g. It is only 13% of the volume and 26% of the weight of the competitor’s solar charger.

What will happen when solar panels are covered by shadows or receive low intensity sun light? It will simply stop charging because it doesn’t receive enough sun light to generate the power. Conventional solar chargers require you to re-plug the cable at these conditions. It can be very annoying if you have to watch and re-plug it all the time. Solar Paper has technology for this problem. It is programed to automatically reset when it has enough sun light. With this auto-reset feature, it will generate power more in an efficient and stable way.

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on July 10th 2015

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