Use Solar Phone Charger to Power your Mobile Phone

In today’s world, mobile phone serves as one of the most important communication devices. People make use of mobile phones to stay connected with their friends, family and dear ones, especially when they are away from home. But, one of the major problems that people usually face, while using their cell phone on the go, is of charging the low battery of the phone. Even if, you carry your mobile charger, you need to find a place with power source to plug the charger in, and have to wait till the battery is charged. To help you out from this situation, many companies have come up with innovative products like solar phone charger.

Understanding the solar phone charger

Solar phone charger is an excellent substitute for a conventional electrical mobile charger, which makes use of solar panels to power a cell phone battery. This portable charger comes equipped with an efficient solar panel and a built-in battery. When the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight, it trickles charge the integral battery. These rechargeable batteries can retain power for months, and can be used to charge a cell phone battery. Apart from being charged through solar panels, it can be also plugged into an electrical outlet or computer USB to charge the inbuilt battery of the charger.

High capacity solar laptop charger
Portable charger with solar back up
Solar phone charger

Benefits of this eco-friendly mobile charger

Solar phone charger enables you to recharge your mobile phones anytime and anywhere without depending on an external electricity source. This charger is very useful for the people who have to travel to various places and need to charge their cell phone batteries so as to be in touch with their clients or colleagues on a regular basis. By using the sun to recharge the battery pack when not being used, this device serves as a standalone portable charger, ensuring your mobile phone battery is always charged.

As this charger makes use of solar energy of the sun and transforms it into the required amount of electrical energy for charging the phone batter, it is also an environment friendly product. This device can help save a large amount of electrical energy, if used by the several mobile users for charging their cell phones. It is very easy to use and also lightweight charger, which can be carried to any location in a convenient manner. Therefore, you can use this portable device with backup battery to power your mobile phones, whenever you need

Posted on January 10th 2014

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