IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank

Compact unit, nicely packaged. Customer service from Tim was exemplary.

It jump-started my 1.8L car with ease. Would recommend this as a useful piece of get-back-on-the-road kit for all-weather motoring.

- andrew machugh

MSC overland + jumper power bank

Top quality bit of kit .3.5l diesel van been sitting for 3 months with zero battery power, Overland + jumper power bank started it first try straight out of the packaging from delivery. Can't say any more than that, good quality product, first-class service during the Covid situation. Will definitely use MSC in future 10/10

- Greig morrison

Boating / Campervan life

Brilliant kit bought our first 1 about 5/6 yrs ago, still going strong, but decided to invest in another that we can use in the boat & campervan. Ideal for charging phones, iPads, kindle etc. Parcel arrived within a couple of days & they upgraded part of kit too. Happy days.
Thanks very much!

- Christina Rose

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought this to jump start a Subaru Forester. It came 3/4 charged (which as it turned out would have easily been enough charge) but as I had to drive 40 miles to the vehicle I topped it up to full charge before setting off. The car battery was totally dead, even the ignition lights wouldn't come on. I clipped the unit to the battery and the car started straight away. I checked the unit's charge and all 4 LED's were still lit. About 10 mins later the car stopped and still didn't have enough charge to restart (although this time lights etc worked and I could hear the starter solenoid clicking). Clipped the unit back on and again it started the car and again was still showing 4 LED's. Very impressive.
It comes in a nice case and with a lot of accessories, some of which I will be using very soon.
A final thumbs-up goes to Tim at mobile solar chargers who went out of his way to make sure I got the unit the next day even though I'd missed the 10am limit for next day delivery..

- Tony Docherty

Fantastic bit of kit

Great lights - robust, bright, adjustable, durable, dependable

- Stephen Tame

Absolutely without doubt the best jump starter available

It’s a torch, it’s a jump starter for your car.

Neat, lightweight, practical this really does it all.

Fits neatly in your door pocket, at hand as a torch for dark nights. This also means that you know it’s there and you won’t forget to charge it, so it’s always ready for action.

Easily starts my 3 litre engine.

Usefully has emergency lighting options.

Super nifty product.


- Simon

MSC Waterproof 38Ah/144WH triple USB 5v & 12v, Super Power Bank

Purchased this power bank in 2018 to help run my Transcool system when offgrid in the motorhome. Have found it meets this requirement very well, but more surprisingly its very useful as a source of power for a huge amount of 12v items in the MH as well as multi USB power outputs. Charges quickly from mains and 12v car aux output port. Now looking to add MSC folding solar panel to complete the package.

- Steve Clapham

MSC 60W SunPower 5v/12v/19v Folding Solar

I see there are a number of reviews in exotic places for this equipment.
A little closer to home, I have used MSC products here in the UK for the last few years to support my off grid South African trailers (I am the sole importer).
Having attended a number of shows, along with personal trips to West Wales (not going to say where exactly, as it is so peaceful and sublime...), North Cornwall, Scotland and so on, all I can say is these solar panels supported my electrical requirements completely, from a combined fridge freezer (fridge to 2 Celsius, freezer down to minus 20), lighting and sufficient reserve for charging ancillaries (Phones, tablets, etc.
In short, as a qualified engineer, I understand the principles of solar charging but there are so many inferior products in the market that lead to a misunderstanding of this sustainable concept.
Fortunately, MSC products are, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the market, with quality products throughout the range. Furthermore, support and advice from Tim is second to none, old school service.
I can also endorse their power banks, having had a number of these for the last few years. As a for instance, their jump starter jump started a 3 litre diesel just before Xmas despite not being charged all year! Still had 80% capacity.
In essence and to summarise, top quality at a fair price and excellent old school advice and support.

- Kevin Cairns

Solar power bank

This item is nicely packaged in a rugged case, not too heavy, the solar panels detach and a special magnetic strip covers the contacts (try not to lose!). The charge lasts forever, really, with the panels deployed, and if you drain it it powers as described with no problem and recharges from the usb mains quickly.

I'd like to thank MSC for being so helpful and responsive as well, an absolutely fantastic service and company!

- Andy

Great for Trekking and Mountaineering

We wanted to try out a solar power option on a recent trekking + mountaineering trip to Peru. At initial enquiry with Mobile Solar Chargers we received very prompt and very useful advice. All the kit supplied exceeded our expectations on every level - lightweight, robust, small pack size, efficient charging. Well worth their weight (and cost!). We will certainly be buying more from Mobile Solar Chargers in the future.

- Ian Stephenson

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought the MSC Overland+ to jump start my diesel engined car after I discovered it had a flat battery. It performed the task perfectly.

Incredibly compact in design and able to recharge my laptop and phone, the original outlay will prove more than worth it in the long run.

Great customer care from purchase to delivery. Highly recommend.

- Vince Hale

4,500 miles by canoe.

Good kit this, many companies claim to have the gear, this one actually does, I took the 13w solar kit across Europe, down the Black Sea and through rough terrain into Bulgaria and never suffered any lack of power. It even worked, to a degree, on overcast days!

- Andrew James Beardmore

Lightweight Travel solar power

@mobilesolarchrg you weren’t wrong when you said it would charge in lower light! Bloomin marvellous!

- Lewis Stockwell

Icelandic Scientific Expedition 2019

Hi Tim, I just wanted to let you know that our expedition was a huge success and the MSC gear performed outstandingly. We became the first team to conduct microbial DNA sequencing truly off-grid and it is all down to the solar panels that this was possible. You can find info at - I will certainly be recommending MSC to all future expeditions we interact with!

- Glen Gowers

Portable power advice

Great advice (especially novices), great products and excellent service.

- Neil Gavins

Greenland Drone power

I would like say a massive thank-you to @mobilesolarchrg for their help in advising me on the best solar panel and power bank combo for my trip to Greenland next month! You guys have been a god send!

- Lauren Rawlins

Antarctic solo Expedition

I have been doing serious expeditions for over 25 years and I have never been able to create a relationship with a company quite like Mobile Solar Chargers. Tim's attention to detail and your exact needs are always of the utmost importance. The equipment he provided me for a 2 month Solo trip in Antarctica was spot on, lightweight, robust and exceptionally efficient. I highly recommend this company and I will not use any other company going forward. Don't trust me though, get in touch, you will not be disappointed.

- Baz Gray

MSC Overland Jumper Power Bank

Great product (Overland Power Bank), but more importantly, excellent customer service.

- Pete Simpson

Portable solar power advice

Great service and excellent products

- John Short

Iceland Expedition

This featherweight panel from Mobile Solar Charger charges an external battery pack even in low light (of which there is plenty on our Iceland expedition!)-it weighs virtually nothing & can be bent & thrown about without issue! Great bit of kit

- Dr Phil Porter

Traverse Madagascar

his awesome kit fully squared us away during our traverse of Madagascar.

- Expedition 5

Denali Expedition

In the toughest of conditions on the @65degnorth #Denali expedition- we are above 14,000ft with temperatures having reached below -20’c @InmarsatGlobal and @mobilesolarchrg have delivered the very highest standards; keeping us up-to date with weather, family and the UK based team

- Rich Morgan MBE

Arctic Expo

@mobilesolarchrg supplied a selection of lightweight, but very durable, solar panels and power bricks. Power is a key element of any modern expedition - safety and comms gear batteries drain fast in the cold and Tim's gear meant we always had a means by which to recharge.

- James Redden

Kilimanjiro phone charging

Great service, friendly attitude and quick communication. Couldn't be happier with my transaction with MSC.

- Guorun Gestsdottir

Expedition Power

Fantastic service and advice. Will definitely be using MSC from now on for any additional charging/solar gear we need for future expeds.

- Sara Taylor

Bicycle touring

I was looking for a power bank to connect to the hub dynamo on my bicycle. I had great advice on which item to choose and excellent after-sales service over a year later when one of my purchases developed a fault. Thoroughly recommended!

- Robert O'Brien

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