31Ah (115W) power bank

Very handy piece of kit. Tested with a 23" computer monitor on AC, and it kept going for 4 hours, before losing 1/5 bars. Compared to a supposedly twice as powerful (and more expensive) power pack that I bought elsewhere, which was visibly flimsier, and as a dead as a doornail in two hours. As a complete novice, had I bought the other item first, I would have thought this was just how they all were. And thanks Tim, for all your really useful advice!

- Catherine

Repeat Customer

I met Tim at a show years ago. Have purchased many of his products since. All exceed expectations and are still performing 100%. The old adage holds true, buy cheap, pay twice. Add to that, buy cheap, expect limited/poor performance.
I need to add, Tim knows his stuff, talk to him, he will find a solution for you.
I have many of his products, would NEVER consider going anywhere else now, as the first items I bought years ago are still working fine!

- Kevin

MSC 45W SunPower Folding Solar

Tested this out for the first time on my allotment, with a basic Duracell 10,050 mAh USB Power Bank. The power bank started out half charged, and the panel charged it back to full in a couple of hours - probably less, as I wasn't sitting watching it. This was a sunny morning in late March. Very impressed.

- CL

Everyday Adventures

I recently bought the 13W folding SunPower Solar Panel, plus 2 Power Banks - the 22W and the 30W upgrade. I tried the solar panel out in the back garden, on a mixed sunny/cloudy March afternoon to direct charge both an ordinary android phone and my old style Nokia – and it worked just fine, at the speed I would expect with that intensity of sun.

Better still I charged the two power banks up off the mains – which didn’t take too long, and its great to know we have a source of reserve power whatever happens. Both banks are both compact and kept to hand with spare charging leads, we should never get stuck somewhere with a dead phone.

I basically bought this kit to upgrade our existing ‘home emergency/escape kit’ – the solar panel and power banks are also compatible with our windup radio and lamp etc. It also solves the camping issue. I am happy with the service, and speed of delivery. Great purchase – for everyday adventures.

- Becky

9.2ah power bank/jumper

Tried & returned 2 different power banks before purchasing this one after reading some reviews & knowing I could return it if rubbish.
Used today on a Kuga 2.0 tdci with a battery reading 11v (Ford Bluetooth power drain issues) not a problem fired up straight away & the pack still has 4 lights showing, just don't bother with any others this one works.

- M Armstrong

Expedition Tanganyika Aqua Trek +

This bank kept me powered up for weeks on a kayaking expedition in East Africa. Great quality and very durable- exactly what is needed for a long stretch out in the field.

- Ben Harris

Expedition Tanganyika MSC 13W Solar panel

Great panel. I used this while out on expedition in East Africa. It kept my batteries all ready to go for the entire trip. Durable, well made and reliable. Would take it again.

- Ben Harris

MSC Overland +

I too was sceptical about these being able to start a very flat 12v car battery especially a large 2.4 diesel, but after speaking to Tim i took the plunge after being advised to go for the Overland + Have used it twice already on my 2006 Volvo that has a parasitic battery drain. It started that with absolute ease and still has full power remaining!! It is very well made and easy to use,Will be keeping this in the car ready for next time, I cant recommend this enough.
It arrived very quickly too, next day i think.
Thanks for the Usb light, its a nice touch. 5 stars from me.

- David Whateley


Excellent,flexable, portable power pack,will easily start a 3litre diesel engine several times on one charge,highly recommend this little!* big hearted power pack. Thank you Guys great product.

- Steve Sparks

MSC 345Wh powerbank

After discussion with Tim I ordered this to enable me to run a central heating pump on my log burner system in the event of a power cut. Tested and works perfectly.
A superb, practical solution to the requirement and will be useful out of season for other adventures.
I would recommend this company for reliability, good technical advice and quality equipment.

- Mike Wilkinson

MSC Overland + IP65 18Ah 5v/12v/19v Power bank & 12v jump starter

I purchased this a few months ago and had to use it in december, and found it started my 2.0L car. I am very happy with this item as was worth every penny. After starting my car I put back on charge to find only one LED was out, so this would start multiple times on one charge. This is a great item to have and give it 10/10, thanks

- Chris G

Great Customer Service

My son and daughter bought the MSC Overland Power Bank and are extremely pleased, especially my daughter, as she had a flat battery in her car and was able to start the engine first time.
After viewing the product I ordered one as well and it arrived the next day. Unfortunately the Power Bank switch for the light was defective. I spoke to Tim and without any fuss he replaced it with another one which arrived the next day and is working.
I’m so impressed with this company for its efficient fast service and Tim was a joy to deal with. Thanks

- David Dewar

Quality and delivery

Excellent service from a company fully committed to customer service.
Good technical advice and although there was a delivery delay due to circumstances beyond their control the equipment arrived promptly, well packaged and when they said it would. 10/10 for that and also for keeping me informed (thanks Tim)

- Mike Wilkinson

MSC 13W solar panel pack & jump starter

You don't need anything else when you get one of these! Camping, motorcycling, cars... this set-up does it all!

I've dumped my old/bulky power pack and car jumper now... this does the lot!

- Bertie Simmonds

You can stop searching now!

I spent ages trawling multiple offerings and associated reviews online, but stumbled across these and they are the real deal.

On a sunny day it’s like plugging your phone into the mains, on a cloudy one you can leave the power banks to trickle charge then use them overnight.

I had one niggle that was sorted immediately, great product and customer service, highly recommended.

- B H

Help and assistance

I chatted to Tim (owner and founder) about specialist contract needs whilst working abroad. He is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable ensuring he takes the time to understand your needs and fit the system to your requirement. He understands this field utterly and will advise the right kit, not necessarily the most expensive. I have used his systems for a number of years now in austere contract locations and found them to be very robust. A genuinely nice guy, please use this company with confidence.

- Paul Connor

Stuck in the Scilly Isles

So here we are stuck in the Scilly Isles with dwindling battery power on out boat.
So one call to Tim (the font of all knowledge) and we’re sorted.
Despite the problems of delivery to the islands my new solar panel is now doing its thing while we relax.
Fantastic service and Tim even threw in a few extras .
Don’t even bother looking elsewhere !!

- Steve Bridger

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank

Searched for the best jump starter and this one had top reviews.
Having charged it and then used it all those reviews were justified. Started 1.6l car just as quickly as any jump leads. This is also a torch and phone charger.

- Michael O'Mahony

Amazing customer service

The items were delivered the next day despite ordering after the 10:00 cut off.

I was overjoyed to find some extras thrown in (2x USB lights and a small power bank)

The kit is really good quality and robust
The only thing I struggled with was the instructions for the super plus power bank, the font was so tiny I couldn’t see it so I filled in the contact us form and within minutes Tim rang me and talked me though how to use everything.

He has so much patience and got me to connect things up to try them out whilst he was on the phone. He gave me some fantastic ideas on what items I can run from the power banks.

I feel really confident now on how to quickly set up and use the solar panels and power banks.

Thanks Tim, you are outstanding.

- Adrienne


I decided to add a flexible led light to my order after I had paid for an Overland + without and got an email from MSC saying they had put one in the box at no extra cost. Now that’s what I call customer service. 10/10. Thank you.

- Neil Corby

Mobile solar chargers pack

Arrived in one day. Have tried them out but not for long enough yet to really test. Look super efficient, and fun.
Very good quick service. Thank you

- C. Phillips

Above and beyond

My portable solar kit turned up today (ordered at just before ten am yesterday) with a small hole in the package. I emailed the company and within less then twenty minutes a replacement for the missing component was on its way to me. This quality of service is what drove me to choose this company and I am not disappointed at all. Just look at the reviews and it’ll give you some idea of what to expect. Five stars isn’t enough ??

- L S

Expedition 15W CIGS ETFE

Having used a Ravpower which failed very quickly I am very impressed with this solar charger. It's very lightweight and very sturdy. My pack has tipped over several times and I've snagged the cable but the charger is still working.
The chap on the phone was very helpful and knowledgeable.

- Alistair

Overland + Jumper

I bought the Overland + after having a less than pleasant experience with a NoCo unit and seeing good reviews for the MSC batteries.

I needed something that could provide me with backup power for tablets, a laptop and a phone whilst working in the countryside but also to start my diesel estate if I flatten the battery - which happens far more often than it should!

Within days of receiving the Overland+ I woke to find i had left my inverter plugged in and the car battery was flat, not even able to run the radio. Connecting the Overland+ and pushing the start button kicked the engine into life immediately yet still had a full charge available according to the charge LEDs.

I cannot recommend this unit highly enough, the build quality, comprehensive accessory kit and case provide just about everything you could need. If you want a reliable car booster that runs laptops, tablets and phones this is definitely for you.

- Dave A

Well worth the price.

This item is well worth every penny , not cheap , but it works very well. It jump started a 1.4 Fiesta within 1 minute of being attached ,not to much of a test for it but much better than messing around with jump leads. This battery will always be in the boot of the car , replacing the now redundant jump leads .Comprehensive selection of leads to charge most things , highly recommend.

- Richard

MSC Overland Plus

Agree with the previous, glowing, reviews. Excellent service from MSC (I believe it's Tim I spoke to and he is very generous with his time and advice).

Item was temporarily out of stock but that was made perfectly clear and as soon as they became available again I received mine within a day or so via DPD (excellent tracking of the parcel too).

I've just orderd a second identical unit and have, again, bought the flexible LED light for a couple of pounds extra ... it's a cracking little light too.

I am very satisfied and have no regrets at not buying one of the NOCO jump starters which don't come with a mains charger, or a decent hard protective case, or a readily available UK distributor to contact in person - and are considerably more expensive.

- K Britton

MSC Overland + extra long jump leads

Very good service and very good customer care. 10/10 will definitely order again, the product works fantastically.

- Andrzej Netkowski

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter

Excellent product! Used it for the first time today on my completely dead MX-5 and it started straight away.

Unless I use the car at least once a week the battery goes flat but the last time was a trip to the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. It’s comforting to know I can now start it anytime I need to in seconds rather than having to wait hours for the trickle charger to do it’s job.

Very impressed with the design, it’s waterproof, looks stylish and has everything you need packaged together in a smart zip-up case.


MSC 12V jump starter

Swiftly delivered but what was more important was that one item was damaged and was very quickly replaced.
Really excellent service.

- Roger Newbury

MSC Overland+IP65 Power Bank and Jump Starter

Bought this superb piece of kit last year,and have used it quite a few times to Jump start my daughters car over the lockdown periods when she hasn't been able to use the car.Also used its powerbank capabilities to power tyre inflator to pump up Motorhome Tyres( normal length of inflator power lead not long enough to reach rear tyres) also its capability to power and charge laptops,phones,lights etc .Cannot speak too highly of Tim and his company for superb delivery and subsequent help with additional items.
It is really nice to find a company with this degree of customer care and relations in this day and age,and wouldn't hesitate to thoroughly recommend them for their time and patience and excellent delivery of their products.

- Chris Kates

MSC Overland 9.2Ah 3.2L Porsche 911

First.. I have to thank the gentleman I spoke to on the phone who gave me ALL the possible advice that I needed before purchase. His advice was honestly PRICELESS!!. He even made sure I get it next day

I bought the 9.2Ah Overland, wanted the 18Ah Overland Plus higher spec model to start my non-starting 3.2L 911 but the Plus was not in stock.

My non-starting 3.2L 911, which engine was not even turning over, in the snow, where it was stuck and not been driven for over a week in the Minus 8 Degrees weather here and frozen with a dead battery.... started immediately

Great item, great customer service!

- Errol

MSC Power Stick portable phone charger

Excellent product. My MSC Power Stick is over 3 years old and it’s still holding its charge for months and ready to re-charge up my phone battery whenever needed.

- Janet

MSC Overland + IP65 18000Amh

Ordered this at about 3:30PM yesterday and clicked on next day delivery even though It was past the posted cut off time for NBD Delivery . Well sure enough it arrived before lunch today, was fully charged when I received so was immediately able to jump start my 4.0 V8 vintage car . I am impressed and thank you for a great service .....

- Robert Ingram

Very impressed with MSC Overland Jump starter

I bought the MSC Overland + IP65 after seeing a very good review of it on auto express and I am very happy with it. I am also really impressed with the customer service provided by the company I asked some questions and they came back to me almost straight away with detailed answers and pictures. I placed my order in the afternoon and it arrived the next day. Very impressed and would definitely recommend them.

- Nigel Hooper

MSC Overland+ Jumper

I spent some time looking at standby chargers before purchasing the MSC Overland+ Jumper starter/power bank and I must say I am very impressed with the design and build quality of the . There has been a considerable amount of effort gone in to the design of the product and everything works beautifully, a bit like Apple products, not the cheapest out there but works well and is pleasing to use/own.

There are some really nice touches/features to this jump starter, not found on other products, like the heavy rubber seals over every socket and not mentioned above is the Red/Green LEDs in the boost charger leads which tells you status of the battery and the readiness to start your car, really well thought out.

You get the usual 5V USB output but the 12V accessory output is a real bonus as is the 19V for charging laptops. I often need 12V to power things not in reach of the car's cig socket and this fits perfectly.

At 18AHr it would even power a laptop for quite some time, if you were camping or away from a power source.

Even the humble light on the front has some nice touches, not only does it give a good beam, but flashes as a bright strobe and also sends SOS in morse code ( ... --- ... ), hopefully I will never have to use this feature.

All of the leads/plugs are good quality and it is nicely packaged in a strong zipper case.

5 * all round for build quality, features, and price/performance ratio.

- DrRobin

Jump Starter/Powerbank

I recently purchased a powerbank as I have a 'winter unfriendly' car. I haven't had the need to use it yet but I had such excellent service from Tim who ensured that I was confident to use the device. He couldn't have been more helpful. It has removed the dread of discovering that 'car says no' when you need to be somewhere. I can now whip it into action. Many thanks Tim - I can't tell you how grateful I am.

- Kathy Hope

MSC Overland + Jump Starter

I have to say I am old school, I didn’t realise such devices existed. On discovering such technology I very nearly went out and purchased the first booster I saw, a product that claimed thousands of amps capacity with multiple start capability etc. Alarm bells started to ring as I couldn’t understand these figures. I researched further and soon discovered many of these claims are misleading at best, many of the products couldn’t turn an engine over once, never mind starting it.
I eventually purchased the MSC Overland + after much research and discussions with the company, who were very knowledgeable and helpful. This booster pack actually does what it should do, it’s simple to use and has loads of power, I genuinely can’t speak highly enough about this product. I will certainly be purchasing a second unit.
Excellent service and fast delivery, everything is ++++

- Chris Lilley

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter

Thank you Tim for your time giving me useful advice. As you mentioned the starter is slightly overkill for its primary use of starting my scooter which I leave at the airport for long periods, but the convenience of having a portable power pack on the plane with me and the comfort of being able to start my bike if its flat, takes one less worry out of the trip!!

- Richard Wilson

Overland plus

Great quality, very quick delivery. Free usb led light a bonus, could be very useful as we have occasional mains power outages.

- John Blackburn

Fantastic service

After receiving fantastic advice and service from Tim, who took a great deal of time to help me, my purchases (folding solar panel and amazing power pack that takes a standard plug as well as usb), arrived the next day. Fabulous price too. I can't say enough good about MSC, recommened to a friend later that day who is going to be buying from here too. Old school quality service.

- Andrew Hutchinson

Great Customer Service

After advice from Tim, I bought a folding solar panel and power bank plus some accessories for use on an extended trip to Nepal (the kit was great for over there and ensured I was self sufficient power wise) but I had a couple of issues upon my return. Tim was quick to respond and resolved these to my complete satisfaction in super quick time. As such I’m very happy to recommend to others looking for solar chargers and associated kit. Many thanks again

- Ian Shaw

Overland magic

Had my Overland + now 10 months and used it 9 times. The company I work for pay £ 200 for an emergency start from a breakdown company so I have saved them £1800. Says it all, I cannot praise MSC Overland enough, great product, plus I have helped workmates out too and saved them sitting waiting for breakdown services. All in all a quality product that keeps me moving on the road.

- Roger G

Great customer service

Solar charger works great, just what we needed for family camping.

Tim was very helpful and responsive on communications. Very happy to purchase from this company and would 100% recommend over Amazon or other

- Rob

MSC Overland + IP65

Spoke to Tim, told him what I needed, a power bank for blowing up a dinghy and a paddleboard. Also want it as a stand-by jump starter for my 3+ litre car.
Tim advised the MSC Overland + IP65, which arrived today.
E-mail yesterday telling me it had been sent, e-mail today advising a time slot for delivery. Excellent.
Once I got my hands on the MSC Overland + IP65 and having ripped the wrapping off, it was out to the garden with the electric pump. Literally 5 minutes later all 3 chambers in the 2.65 mtr. dinghy were inflated to the recommended 3psi. Fantastic.
Now on to the paddleboard.
Aqua Marina Beast. 8 minutes, 15 psi! Joy!
Hopefully no-more pumping a hot SUP hand pump and gasping for over 10 minutes!
The power bank? It's still showing 3 lights from its original delivery charge.
Obviously early days but the MSC Overland + IP65 is doing exactly what I want it to do.
As for the advice and service from MSC. Exemplary.
Would definitely use again.

- Rob Munns

Excellent product/service 300Wh Power Bank

After searching around for a powerbank I came across MSC. Tim couldn't have been more helpful in answering questions. The product (powerbank 300) has specs and build that seem far superior to those seen elsewhere on the net. Delivery was within a couple of days and follow on support has been prompt and supportive. Overall a first class product and service. Will be following up with other accessories for next season.

- Bob harris

MSC Overland + Power Bank

I have had to use the jump start a few times lately and it has been faultless. So reassuring to have in the boot.
Excellent service from a friendly company who went that extra mile.

- Tim Benham

Powering Musical Performance

A huge thank you to Tim for his enthusiasm and knowledge to enable our off-grid musical performances aimed at children. Music for Miniatures is forever grateful. The MSC Super + power bank powers our keyboard superbly for all of the days performances with power to spare. THANK YOU.

- Martyn

Utterly brilliant

These cheap and cheerful flexible 5v usb LED lights are awesome. Paired with a power bank, they're basically a workable alternative to mains-powered indoor lighting when you're stuck somewhere that such lighting isn't available. Take note of the price point and be aware that sometimes one or more diodes may be a bit erratic; that said, even if half of them are out, the light is so damn bright it still gives you enough to work with. They're two-a-penny, so grab a fistful. Then you'll have enough for yourself, and enough to be generous to others in the challenging settings where they really come into their own.

- David Brown

Folding mobile solar panel charger

Thank you, Tim, for your helpful advice on choosing the right solar charging panel for our camping holiday on Bryher, Isles of Scilly. We followed your advice on charging the power banks and phones on rotation and were always able to have a charged phone available while we were away. We were surprised at how well the Solar Charger worked and are very pleased with the product and that has now become an essential part of our camping kit.

- Michael Regan

Overland Jumper Power Bank

I have dealt with MSC for a few years now, the level of service is still exemplary, with total focus on the customer. I have every confidence promoting their products to my customers and in the case of this power bank (New to me) it started a totally dead 5.7 V8 first time. The same as the previous unit I had from them which I broke!
It's the same story with their solar panels and other power banks. I have a number of them for personal use and also for demonstration to my customers. Never fails to impress and exceed expectations.
I am not being paid to review, just an honest assessment of a good old fashioned quality provider of both product and service from an old bugger (Pension is just around the corner) that can still remember what good quality service and product really means. Refreshing in this day and age of online purchase, this is a supplier to trust, hence I've put my name to this review.

- Kevin Cains

IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank

Compact unit, nicely packaged. Customer service from Tim was exemplary.

It jump-started my 1.8L car with ease. Would recommend this as a useful piece of get-back-on-the-road kit for all-weather motoring.

- andrew machugh

MSC overland + jumper power bank

Top quality bit of kit .3.5l diesel van been sitting for 3 months with zero battery power, Overland + jumper power bank started it first try straight out of the packaging from delivery. Can't say any more than that, good quality product, first-class service during the Covid situation. Will definitely use MSC in future 10/10

- Greig morrison

Boating / Campervan life

Brilliant kit bought our first 1 about 5/6 yrs ago, still going strong, but decided to invest in another that we can use in the boat & campervan. Ideal for charging phones, iPads, kindle etc. Parcel arrived within a couple of days & they upgraded part of kit too. Happy days.
Thanks very much!

- Christina Rose

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought this to jump start a Subaru Forester. It came 3/4 charged (which as it turned out would have easily been enough charge) but as I had to drive 40 miles to the vehicle I topped it up to full charge before setting off. The car battery was totally dead, even the ignition lights wouldn't come on. I clipped the unit to the battery and the car started straight away. I checked the unit's charge and all 4 LED's were still lit. About 10 mins later the car stopped and still didn't have enough charge to restart (although this time lights etc worked and I could hear the starter solenoid clicking). Clipped the unit back on and again it started the car and again was still showing 4 LED's. Very impressive.
It comes in a nice case and with a lot of accessories, some of which I will be using very soon.
A final thumbs-up goes to Tim at mobile solar chargers who went out of his way to make sure I got the unit the next day even though I'd missed the 10am limit for next day delivery..

- Tony Docherty

Fantastic bit of kit

Great lights - robust, bright, adjustable, durable, dependable

- Stephen Tame

Absolutely without doubt the best jump starter available

It’s a torch, it’s a jump starter for your car.

Neat, lightweight, practical this really does it all.

Fits neatly in your door pocket, at hand as a torch for dark nights. This also means that you know it’s there and you won’t forget to charge it, so it’s always ready for action.

Easily starts my 3 litre engine.

Usefully has emergency lighting options.

Super nifty product.


- Simon

MSC Waterproof 38Ah/144WH triple USB 5v & 12v, Super Power Bank

Purchased this power bank in 2018 to help run my Transcool system when offgrid in the motorhome. Have found it meets this requirement very well, but more surprisingly its very useful as a source of power for a huge amount of 12v items in the MH as well as multi USB power outputs. Charges quickly from mains and 12v car aux output port. Now looking to add MSC folding solar panel to complete the package.

- Steve Clapham

MSC 60W SunPower 5v/12v/19v Folding Solar

I see there are a number of reviews in exotic places for this equipment.
A little closer to home, I have used MSC products here in the UK for the last few years to support my off grid South African trailers (I am the sole importer).
Having attended a number of shows, along with personal trips to West Wales (not going to say where exactly, as it is so peaceful and sublime...), North Cornwall, Scotland and so on, all I can say is these solar panels supported my electrical requirements completely, from a combined fridge freezer (fridge to 2 Celsius, freezer down to minus 20), lighting and sufficient reserve for charging ancillaries (Phones, tablets, etc.
In short, as a qualified engineer, I understand the principles of solar charging but there are so many inferior products in the market that lead to a misunderstanding of this sustainable concept.
Fortunately, MSC products are, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the market, with quality products throughout the range. Furthermore, support and advice from Tim is second to none, old school service.
I can also endorse their power banks, having had a number of these for the last few years. As a for instance, their jump starter jump started a 3 litre diesel just before Xmas despite not being charged all year! Still had 80% capacity.
In essence and to summarise, top quality at a fair price and excellent old school advice and support.

- Kevin Cairns

MSC 60W SunPower 5v/12v/19v Folding Solar

I see there are a number of reviews in exotic places for this equipment.
A little closer to home, I have used MSC products here in the UK for the last few years to support my off grid South African trailers (I am the sole importer).
Having attended a number of shows, along with personal trips to West Wales (not going to say where exactly, as it is so peaceful and sublime...), North Cornwall, Scotland and so on, all I can say is these solar panels supported my electrical requirements completely, from a combined fridge freezer (fridge to 2 Celsius, freezer down to minus 20), lighting and sufficient reserve for charging ancillaries (Phones, tablets, etc.
In short, as a qualified engineer, I understand the principles of solar charging but there are so many inferior products in the market that lead to a misunderstanding of this sustainable concept.
Fortunately, MSC products are, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the market, with quality products throughout the range. Furthermore, support and advice from Tim is second to none, old school service.
I can also endorse their power banks, having had a number of these for the last few years. As a for instance, their jump starter jump started a 3 litre diesel just before Xmas despite not being charged all year! Still had 80% capacity.
In essence and to summarise, top quality at a fair price and excellent old school advice and support.

- Kevin Cairns

Solar power bank

This item is nicely packaged in a rugged case, not too heavy, the solar panels detach and a special magnetic strip covers the contacts (try not to lose!). The charge lasts forever, really, with the panels deployed, and if you drain it it powers as described with no problem and recharges from the usb mains quickly.

I'd like to thank MSC for being so helpful and responsive as well, an absolutely fantastic service and company!

- Andy

Great for Trekking and Mountaineering

We wanted to try out a solar power option on a recent trekking + mountaineering trip to Peru. At initial enquiry with Mobile Solar Chargers we received very prompt and very useful advice. All the kit supplied exceeded our expectations on every level - lightweight, robust, small pack size, efficient charging. Well worth their weight (and cost!). We will certainly be buying more from Mobile Solar Chargers in the future.

- Ian Stephenson

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought the MSC Overland+ to jump start my diesel engined car after I discovered it had a flat battery. It performed the task perfectly.

Incredibly compact in design and able to recharge my laptop and phone, the original outlay will prove more than worth it in the long run.

Great customer care from purchase to delivery. Highly recommend.

- Vince Hale

4,500 miles by canoe.

Good kit this, many companies claim to have the gear, this one actually does, I took the 13w solar kit across Europe, down the Black Sea and through rough terrain into Bulgaria and never suffered any lack of power. It even worked, to a degree, on overcast days!

- Andrew James Beardmore

Lightweight Travel solar power

@mobilesolarchrg you weren’t wrong when you said it would charge in lower light! Bloomin marvellous!

- Lewis Stockwell

Icelandic Scientific Expedition 2019

Hi Tim, I just wanted to let you know that our expedition was a huge success and the MSC gear performed outstandingly. We became the first team to conduct microbial DNA sequencing truly off-grid and it is all down to the solar panels that this was possible. You can find info at - I will certainly be recommending MSC to all future expeditions we interact with!

- Glen Gowers

Portable power advice

Great advice (especially novices), great products and excellent service.

- Neil Gavins

Greenland Drone power

I would like say a massive thank-you to @mobilesolarchrg for their help in advising me on the best solar panel and power bank combo for my trip to Greenland next month! You guys have been a god send!

- Lauren Rawlins

Antarctic solo Expedition

I have been doing serious expeditions for over 25 years and I have never been able to create a relationship with a company quite like Mobile Solar Chargers. Tim's attention to detail and your exact needs are always of the utmost importance. The equipment he provided me for a 2 month Solo trip in Antarctica was spot on, lightweight, robust and exceptionally efficient. I highly recommend this company and I will not use any other company going forward. Don't trust me though, get in touch, you will not be disappointed.

- Baz Gray

MSC Overland Jumper Power Bank

Great product (Overland Power Bank), but more importantly, excellent customer service.

- Pete Simpson

Portable solar power advice

Great service and excellent products

- John Short

Iceland Expedition

This featherweight panel from Mobile Solar Charger charges an external battery pack even in low light (of which there is plenty on our Iceland expedition!)-it weighs virtually nothing & can be bent & thrown about without issue! Great bit of kit

- Dr Phil Porter

Iceland Expedition

This featherweight panel from Mobile Solar Charger charges an external battery pack even in low light (of which there is plenty on our Iceland expedition!)-it weighs virtually nothing & can be bent & thrown about without issue! Great bit of kit

- Dr Phil Porter

Traverse Madagascar

his awesome kit fully squared us away during our traverse of Madagascar.

- Expedition 5

Denali Expedition

In the toughest of conditions on the @65degnorth #Denali expedition- we are above 14,000ft with temperatures having reached below -20’c @InmarsatGlobal and @mobilesolarchrg have delivered the very highest standards; keeping us up-to date with weather, family and the UK based team

- Rich Morgan MBE

Arctic Expo

@mobilesolarchrg supplied a selection of lightweight, but very durable, solar panels and power bricks. Power is a key element of any modern expedition - safety and comms gear batteries drain fast in the cold and Tim's gear meant we always had a means by which to recharge.

- James Redden

Kilimanjiro phone charging

Great service, friendly attitude and quick communication. Couldn't be happier with my transaction with MSC.

- Guorun Gestsdottir

Expedition Power

Fantastic service and advice. Will definitely be using MSC from now on for any additional charging/solar gear we need for future expeds.

- Sara Taylor

Bicycle touring

I was looking for a power bank to connect to the hub dynamo on my bicycle. I had great advice on which item to choose and excellent after-sales service over a year later when one of my purchases developed a fault. Thoroughly recommended!

- Robert O'Brien

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