MSC Weekend Camping 13W Solar, 2 x Power Banks, 2 x LED light, £20 Saving

MSC 13W Sunpower & Slim Power Bank
MSC 13W Sunpower & Slim Power Bank

Portable Power for Camping Weekends

MSC 13W Folding Solar Panel, 2 x Mobile Chargers, 2 x LED light,  £15 Saving

This Camping portable phone charger offer is aimed at two people going away for a few days and needing reserve power for mobile phones and other portable devices.  They are also designed to be useful in everyday life. There is the option to upgrade the power banks to suit your needs. 

Bought individually this portable power package would cost  £77.75.

The 2 x 5000mAh (or optional 2 x 10,000mAh) Slim Power Banks are chargeable via the mains/car and obviously the  13W Folding Solar Panel.

Fully charged these portable phone chargers should give a combined 4 + charges of a standard phone such as the iPhone or Android Phones.  Suitable for charging any 5v USB device such as Tablets, GPS, Cameras.

When not in use they all retain their charge. There is an option to upgrade them with 2 x 10,000mAh Slim Power Banks on checkout.

MSC W/E Camping with 13W panel, 2 x MSC Power Banks
MSC W/E Camping 13W panel 2 x MSC power banks

The robust and compact MSC 13W folding panel comes with carabiners to hang on a tent or rucksack and a zip pocket to secure the power banks or phone whilst charging two power banks or other 5v USB devices. This would normally retail at £39.95.

It has dual USB outputs for charging the power banks or 5v USB devices and an inbuilt stand for getting more optimal charging facing the sun.

It has a sophisticated auto-start USB solar controller to prevent over/undercharging, just use your normal charging lead to connect any 5v device or the Power Banks.

MSC 13W Solar Panel charging iPhone & Tablet
MSC 13W Solar Panel charging iPhone & Tablet

For personal power, to keep your phones going whilst you are out and about, we have included 2 x Premium  Slim portable phone chargers.

These are compact and robust mobile chargers, with inbuilt batteries and enough stored capacity (5000mAh each) to give a standard mobile phone around 2 charges.  They have an inbuilt Android micro USB lead and an Apple Lightning charging connector. These portable rechargeable batteries individually retail at £14.95 each.

 They work very well with the included USB Light for camping and as reliable everyday backup power.

The USB LED (£3.95) light plugs into the power Banks or any USB socket. 

MSC 5000mA Slim charging iPhone and Tablet
MSC 5000mA Slim charging iPhone and Tablet
Optional 10,000mAh Slim charging iPhone
Optional 10,000mAh Slim charging iPhone

In common with all our portable batteries and solar chargers, although they might have been bought for a specific purpose, once you are used to having reserve power at hand, they will prove most useful in everyday life.

MSC W/E Package with MSC 5Ah Slim
MSC W/E Package with MSC 5Ah Slim
MSC Slim 10,000mAh & 13W Solar Panel
MSC Slim 10,000mAh & 13W Solar Panel

Product reviews

Mobile solar chargers pack

Arrived in one day. Have tried them out but not for long enough yet to really test. Look super efficient, and fun.
Very good quick service. Thank you

- C. Phillips - 1 day ago

Boating / Campervan life

Brilliant kit bought our first 1 about 5/6 yrs ago, still going strong, but decided to invest in another that we can use in the boat & campervan. Ideal for charging phones, iPads, kindle etc. Parcel arrived within a couple of days & they upgraded part of kit too. Happy days.
Thanks very much!

- Christina Rose - 11 months ago

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