MSC 100W Monocrystalline ETFE 5V/18V QC & C Type Folding Solar Panel Charger

MSC 100W ETFE Solar
MSC 100W ETFE Solar
  • A robust and portable 2 x panel high-efficiency ETFE Monocrystalline solar charger.
  • Auto-detect smart solar controller with protection from an overcharge.
  • Dual Type-A USB QC 3.0 (24W),  Type C QC (PD45W) for all USB devices including phones and Tablets
  • A DC 18V/5A port (5521) for charging 12V batteries, laptops, etc.
  • 12V DC Crocodile leads for charging 12V Batteries (for short periods, not continual charge).
  • A Male cigarette 12V DC lead to reverse charge a Car battery.
  • 12V Female cigarette output for 12V devices with car charging leads, i.e. Overland +
  • A hard-wired 18V Anderson leads for large portable power stations.
  • Waterproof zipped pocket to secure & protect devices whilst charging
  • 2 attachment points for hanging from a vehicle or tent.
  • 2 x  foldout stands for optimum 'facing the sun' charging
  • Highly portable and easy to store on a boat or a vehicle.
  • Suitable for Yachts, Camping and Canal, Expeditions & off-grid power.
  • Free reliable power each and every day.
  • 2-year warranty
MSC 100W ETFE solar charging e-Bike & MSC 1400Wh
MSC 100W ETFE solar charging e-Bike & MSC 1400Wh
MSC 100W ETFE solar charging  MSC 1400Wh
MSC 100W ETFE solar charging MSC 1400Wh

The MSC 100W folding high-efficiency solar chargers are designed to either be used on their own to charge devices (mobile phones/Laptops/Battery) when in direct light or in conjunction with one of our power banks,  Overland + jump starter or MSC 1400Wh Super Power Bank to store reserve power for later use. This very compact 2 x panel folding solar charger is ideal for Camping, Expeditions and Boats.

With its high-efficiency panel and intelligent solar controller, it is still able to directly charge an iPad or any USB device and Laptop, even in poor light conditions.

MSC 100w ETFE panel packed
MSC 100w ETFE panel packed
MSC 100w ETFE panel solar controller
MSC 100w ETFE panel solar controller
MSC 100W ETFE Mono& Anderson lead
MSC 100W ETFE Mono & Anderson lead

This solar charger folds into a thin square, 54cm x 54cm when not in use, with a built-in carrying handle & securing straps. The USB charging ports and 12V/18V are within a waterproof zip pocket, enabling your devices to charge on the go and be kept dry. Once opened in direct light it will automatically start producing power, to store in a power bank or direct charge to a device.

MSC 100W ETFE Mono Closed
MSC 100W ETFE Mono Closed
MSC 100W ETFE Mono deployed
MSC 100W ETFE Mono deployed

Product Feature

  • 100W Genuine Monocrystalline ETFE folding solar panel charger
  • Dual USB 5V, C Type QC PD 45W, 18V DC Auto Solar controller
  • Waterproof zipped charging pocket
  • Carry handle and foldout stands
  • 2 attachment points for hanging
  • Female & Male 12V Universal Cigarette Adapter
  • 12V Car battery charging lead & 18V Anderson connector
  • UV-resistant panel & ETFE anti-scratch surface
  • 1-year warranty

Technical Specification

  • 100W ETFE-coated Monocrystalline high-efficiency (21.5%) Solar Cells
  • Type A USB 1 & 2:  5V/3A (24W Max)
  • Type C QC Output: PD45 (45W Max)
  • DC Output: 18V/5.5A Max  DC 5521 & hardwired Anderson lead
  • Size Open : 125 x 54 x 2cm
  • Size Closed : 54 x 54 x 3cm
  • Weight : 3.2kg
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