MSC 130W 5v/12v/19v SunPower Folding Solar charger

Power Bank
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£324.95 (inc VAT)
MSC 130w 5-19v Folding Solar & 300Wh Power Bank
MSC 130w 5-19v Folding Solar & 300Wh Power Bank
  • Very high-efficiency (22%) genuine SunPower folding Solar panel charger.
  • MSC SunPower 130W (8 panel) when folded is similar in size to a Laptop bag.
  • Will directly charge devices or preferably store reserve power in our Super Power Banks
  • Suitable for UAVs (Drones), Portable Radios, Laptops etc
  • Robust, lightweight (3.2kg) and highly compact.
  • Superior output in all light conditions compared to Monocrystalline
  • Dual 5v USB and regulated 12v & 19V outputs
  • Supplied with the most common Laptop connectors
  • 12v Crocodile lead for charging 12v Batteries
  • 12v Female cigarette output for 12v devices with car charging leads, i.e. Overland +
  • Hard-wired (blue tip) unregulated DC 20V/6.5A lead for direct charging MSC 300/500W Power Banks
  • 6 attachment points for hanging from a vehicle or tent.
  • Free power each and every day
  • 1-year warranty
MSC 130W SunPower Solar Panel accessories
MSC 130W SunPower Solar Panel accessories
MSC 120W SunPower Solar Panel half deployed
MSC 120W SunPower half deployed

These SunPower solar cell folding panels have a very high power to weight ratio and when used with the 300/500Wh Super Power Bank are particularly suited to off-grid portable power applications, where there is a need for more than just 5v USB charging. This combined set up is able to run power tools, Video Cameras, CPAP, medical equipment, Drones and most portable devices.

The greater surface area of the 130W (8 square) panel is recommended where there is a need for higher consistent outputs or lower general light conditions, as with the 90W panel, it also has a direct unregulated 20V/6.5A lead from the solar cells to go directly into the 300Wh or the 500Wh Super Power Banks for quicker charging since both have inbuilt MPPT controllers. The inbuilt solar controllers are suitable for charging any 12v Battery.

MSC 120W SunPower Folding Solar Andes
MSC 120W SunPower Folding Solar Andes
MSC 120W Solar Mule Andes
MSC 120W Solar Mule Andes

Product Features

  • Dual 5v USB, 12v/19v Solar Controller.
  • Female 12V Car Aux lead/Crocodile clips, Laptop Connectors.
  • Hard-wired raw 20v output for MSC Super Power Banks
  • Overcharge/Discharge/Auto Start.
  • Genuine SunPower (22% efficiency) Solar cells.
  • Highly portable, compact and versatile.
  • 6 Attachment points for hanging during deployment
  • Superior performance in low light conditions.
  • Service Life of Panels 10 years +


Technical Specifications

MSC SunPower 130W :

  • Peak Output: USB 5v/3A,
  • DC Output: 12v/5A, 19v/6A,
  • DC cable unregulated 20V/6.5A
  • Size Open: 1600 x 740 x 6mm
  • Size Packed: 375 x 340 x 80mm
  • Weight: 3200g
MSC 130W running inverter & Laptop
MSC 130W running inverter & Laptop
MSC SunPower 130W charging Overland +
MSC SunPower 130W charging Overland +

Product reviews

Icelandic Scientific Expedition 2019

Hi Tim, I just wanted to let you know that our expedition was a huge success and the MSC gear performed outstandingly. We became the first team to conduct microbial DNA sequencing truly off-grid and it is all down to the solar panels that this was possible. You can find info at - I will certainly be recommending MSC to all future expeditions we interact with!

- Glen Gowers - 1 year ago

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