MSC High efficiency 15w 5v/2A folding solar charger

MSC Folding 15w Solar panel Charger
MSC 15w Solar Panel charger

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  • Unique detachable solar controller and USB can be placed 1m from the panel, i.e. inside.
  • Very high-efficiency Monocrystalline flexible solar panel
  • 2Amp output in direct light (same as a mains USB socket)
  • Dual 5v USB outlet to charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Works very well with our 'QC', and  'Aqua Trek ' power banks
  • Very robust with sealed seams, light and compact
  • Zip pocket to secure devices whilst charging on the move
  • 5 attachment points for hanging from rucksack or tent
  • Smaller than a magazine when closed
  • Free power each and every day
  • The Independent Newspaper recent review
  • 1 year warranty
MSC 15w Solar panel charger
15Watt Solar Phone charger
MSC 15w Solar panel charger
MSC Solar charger

This 15W fold out high-efficiency solar charger is designed to either be used on its own to charge 2 devices (mobile phones) when in direct light, or in conjunction with one of our power banks, such as the Overlander, Aqua Trek or to boost a Solar Charger to store reserve power for later use. This very compact 3-panel folding solar charger is unique in that the solar controller and dual USB charging port can be detached and used (in the dry !) away from the solar panel, ideal for Camping and Boats. 

This solar charger folds into a thin square, about the size of  A4 when not in use, with built-in carry handle. The numerous attachment points make it easy to fix to a tent or rucksack, or if using with the Overlander, a vehicle or boat. The USB charging ports are in a zip case, meaning all charged devices are secure, even when on the move. Once opened in direct light it will automatically start producing power, to store in a power bank or direct charge to a device.

MSC 15w Solar Panel charger and Travel charger
MSC 15w Solar Panel charger and Travel charger
MSC 15W Travel and Trek Special Offer
MSC 15W Travel and Trek Special Offer

With it's 15w high-efficiency panel and intelligent solar controller it is still able to directly charge an iPad or any USB device, even in very poor light conditions.

Ideal for Camping, Kayaking and Expeditions, efficient , robust and compact folding Solar Panel charger.

It is an option with our Special offer 'Travel and Trek' package, right hand picture above.

MSC 15w Solar panel charger
MSC 15w Solar panel charger
MSC 15W Solar Panel Charger
MSC 15W Solar Panel Charger

Product Feature

  • 15w Monocrystalline flexible solar panel
  • Detachable Solar controller and zipped waterproof charging case
  • Dual Usb auto start solar controller
  • Output  : 5v/1Amp 5v/2Amp
  • Size Open : 670 x 255 x 4mm
  • Size Folded : 255 x 220 x 45 mm
  • Weight : 950g
  • 1 year warranty
  • 3 attachments points for hanging
  • UV resistant panel, PET anti-scratch surface
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