MSC 24W Mono USB A & C Type 5V Portable Solar Panel Charger

MSC Folding 24W Mono Solar panel Charger
MSC 24W Mono Solar charger
  • High-efficiency ETFE Monocrystalline folding solar panel
  • 5V/2A output in direct light (same as a mains USB socket)
  • Robust waterproof sealed seams, light and compact
  • Works very well with our 'MSC 5Ah, MSC Aqua Trek, MSC 20Ah Qi and 'Camping Lantern'
  • 7 attachment points for hanging from a rucksack or tent
  • Smaller than a magazine when closed
  • Compatible with any USB A Type or USB C Type charged device
  • Can recharge any USB Power Bank, Phone or Tablet.
  • Free power every day
  • 1-year warranty

This MSC 24W fold-out high-efficiency solar charger is designed to either be used on its own to directly charge devices (mobile phones) or in conjunction with one of our power banks.  It has a dual 5V USB power port (Max 24W) to enable the charging of our power banks or phones on the move, during the day, to use once the solar is inactive at night.

MSC 24W Mono USB charging MSC Overland & iPhone
MSC 24W Mono USB charging MSC Overland & iPhone
MSC 20W SunPower USB charging Overland & iPhone
MSC 24W SunPower USB charging Power Bank & iPhone

This 4-panel solar panel folds into a thin rectangle, smaller than A4 to pack away when not in use. The numerous attachment points make it easy to fix to a tent, rucksack or vehicle.  Once opened in direct light it will automatically start producing power, to store in a power bank or direct charge to a device.

Ideal for Camping and Expeditions, efficient, robust and compact folding Solar Panel charger.

Our Special Offer 'Travel and Trek' & Camping packages offer this solar panel as an option with 2 x  Power Banks & 2 x LED lights.

MSC 24W Mono folded
MSC 24W Mono folded
MSC 24W Mono Solar Controller
MSC 24W Mono Solar Controller

Product Feature

  • 24W genuine Monocrystalline folding solar panel
  • ETFE Coated waterproof panel
  • Power Conversion 96%
  • USB A & USB C Type 5V auto-start solar controller
  • 7 attachment points for hanging
  • 1-year warranty

Technical Features

  • Output 1 : 5V/2A    Output C Type : 5V/2A
  • Auto selection of power output (Max 24W)
  • Size Open : 260 x 850 x 10 mm
  • Size Folded : 260 x 190 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 642g
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