MSC Camping 3w 7000mAh Solar Charger (2+ phone charges)

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USB LED flexible light
Optional USB Adapters
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MSC Travel Solar Charger
MSC Travel Solar phone charger
  • Patented design
  • Inbuilt Android Micro USB and USB Charging Lead
  • Also has an auxiliary Micro/Lightning charging lead
  • Ideal for a couple of days away from mains, stored charges + solar top up
  • For extended off-grid power go to the special packages
  • Compact solar power bank
  • Dual Solar Panel clamshell design
  • Monocrystalline 3w high output solar panel
  • Sanyo 7000mAh premium Li-Po battery
  • Dual USB output, 2A and 1A simultaneously
  • Ideal solar phone charger for travel and short-term camping
  • Recharges from mains USB, PC /Car USB and solar
  • At least 2+ full stored charges of an iPhone 5 + solar recovery
  • Will recharge all phones and 5v Tablets
  • Suitable also for charging GPS, GoPro, Mp3, iPods, iPads and any 5v USB charged device
  • Holds stored charge for months
  • 1 Year Warranty
Camping Solar phone charger
Camping Solar phone charger
Camping solar phone charger
Camping solar phone charger

The patented Camping 3W 7Ah solar charger is a very compact,  universal solar power bank, with the addition of an extrasolar panel, folded over the front panel, it can very easily be used as a standard power bank, small enough to fit in a pocket whilst charging a phone.

Camping 3w Solar Charger
Camping 3w Solar Charger
Camping solar phone charger
Camping solar phone charger

The MSC Camping 3W solar phone charger has 2 USB outlets and a Micro inbuilt lead to recharge any 5v device such as all mobile phones, USB LED lights, GoPro, iPad and Cameras, the fold-out solar panel directly charges the 7000mAh inbuilt battery.

In common with all our portable power banks, the Camping 3W solar phone charger will recharge from any USB outlet such as mains, PC/Car USB. This travel charger has a one-button operation to start and stop charging and 4 led lights to show remaining capacity.  The 7000mAh battery will give a standard phone 2-3 full charges, without any solar input.

On checkout, you have the option of adding our optional dual USB mains charger and LED light.

Product Features

  • Patented design, water resistant, drop, shock and fire proof
  • High Capacity 7000mAh (3 Phone charges) Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Multi-charging capabilities: Mains, car charger, USB or Solar
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, Bluetooth headsets and all USB charged devices
  • High Output 3w solar panel
  • Single Reversible charge/discharge micro USB lead
  • Simple one button operation
  • DC Input Port
  • Dual USB Output Ports
  • Remaining power LEDs
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge

Technical Specification

  • Solar energy transfer efficiency: 17% Solar panel 5v/3w, 5.0V/540mA
  • Grade A Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
  • Capacity 7000mAh
  • Input : Micro USB DC5v/1.5A
  • Output 1 USB 5V/1A
  • Output 2 USB 5V/2A
  • Working Temperature -10C-45C
  • Charging time about  4 hours via USB 2/1Amp mains
  • Cycle Life >500 cycles
  • Weight 243g
  • Dimensions 150 x 82 x 15mm

1 Year Warranty

Next Day Delivery Available

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