MSC 13W Solar & Overland Jumper Power bank Special offer package £25 saving

We are currently out of stock and due to Global Manufacturing conditions do not have a date for new stock in the near future.

MSC Solar panel and Boat power bank Package
MSC Boat and Car engine Jump starter Package

This special offer bundle of a Folding Solar Panel, Overland Jumper, Power Stick, & 2 x LED light, is most suitable for those camping and travelling in a vehicle, Motorbike or boat. The Overland power bank will charge from a vehicle USB, mains or this solar panel and recharge any 5v USB device.  It is suitable for petrol engines up to 2.5L, for Diesel and larger Petrol engines we would recommend the Overland +.

The high efficient 13w solar panel will also recharge the power banks and any other USB charged devices. This combination gives almost indefinite off-grid power, with the safe reassurance of being able to jump-start your vehicle or boat engine.

The Aluminium PD18W QC Power Bank (£19.95) is intended for everyday use, even when not travelling. As with all our products they all carry a 1-year warranty. The  LED USB lights (£3.95) can plug into either power bank & provide bright directional lighting and uses very little power.

The cost of these products bought individually is £147, a saving of over £20.

MSC 13w Solar charger & Overland
MSC Folding 13w Solar panel Charger & Overland
  • Very high-efficiency SunPower flexible solar panel (£39.95)
  • 2 Amp output in direct sunlight (same as a mains USB socket)
  • Dual 5v USB outlet to charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Very robust waterproof sealed seams, light and compact
  • Zip pocket to secure devices whilst charging on the move
  • Multiple attachment points for hanging from rucksack or tent
  • Smaller than a magazine when closed
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Fold-out stand for more optimal solar positioning
  • Free power each and every day
MSC Overland Car and Boat jump-starter power bank
MSC Overland jump-starter power bank
  • Universal high-performance large capacity MSC Overland Power Bank and external battery (£79.95)
  • Will charge all 5v USB-charged devices, including all mobile phones and 5v tablets
  • USB output  5v/2A, 12v/2A Female ciggie output
  • Car or Boat Petrol (up to 2L) engine 400amp peak, 12v battery jump starter
  • Water-resistant IP65 rated suitable for boats and marine environment
  • High power Led torch, SOS flashlight, Red warning light
  • Recharges from the mains USB (6 hours) or 12v car socket or the Solar Panel
  • Supplied micro USB, 12v female ciggie car lead and battery jump leads
Boat and Car engine Jump starter Package
MSC Boat and Car engine Jump starter Package
MSC Overland solar package
MSc Overland Package

In common with all our portable batteries and solar chargers, although they might have been bought for a specific purpose, once you are used to having reserve power at hand, they will prove most useful in everyday life.  As power needs and leisure activities change, since all our products are interchangeable, more can be added.

MSC Overland running Airbed inflator
MSC Overland running Airbed inflator
MSC PD18W & iPhone
MSC PD18W & iPhone
iPhone & Tablet MSC 13W solar
iPhone & Tablet MSC 13W solar

Product reviews

MSC 13W solar panel pack & jump starter

You don't need anything else when you get one of these! Camping, motorcycling, cars... this set-up does it all!

I've dumped my old/bulky power pack and car jumper now... this does the lot!

- Bertie Simmonds - 6 months ago

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