MSC USB Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern & emergency light

MSC Camping Lantern
MSC Camping Lantern,
  • This unique high-quality IP54 (rainproof) collapsible Lantern is ideal for Camping or Boats.

  • The in-built rechargeable battery runs the  Lantern (for 3.5-7.5hrs) with a light output range of 20-150 lumens

  • It has a simple switch for 4 lantern modes.

  • The  USB input port has a waterproof cover.

  • It can either be recharged via the mains/Car USB, directly from one of our folding solar panel chargers or from the inbuilt solar panel (150-200hrs to full charge)

  • A robust and practical accessory for all leisure activities such as fishing

  • Very compact and with a folding hook can be hung from a tent or placed outside

MSC Camping Lantern & MSC 13W Solar Panel
MSC Camping Lantern & MSC 13W Solar Panel
MSC Camping Lantern
MSC Camping Lantern
MSC Camping Lantern
MSC Camping Lantern

Product Features

  • Collapsible Lantern
  • One button on/off mode
  • Robust & Rainproof to IP54
  • Can hang or fit in a bag or pocket
  • Recharges from mains, USB or our Folding Solar Panels
  • Inbuilt solar panel to trickle charge in any natural light
  • Retains charge for months
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Lithium Polymer 1800mAh battery
  •  Input 5V / 1.5A
  • Accessories 1 x charging cable,
  • Dimensions folded 87 x 57mm
  • Dimensions open 87 x 108mm
  • Cycle life > 500 times
  • Weight 178g
Side View of MSC Camping Lantern at night
MSC Camping Lantern at night
Mobile Solar Chargers Camping at night 1
MSC Camping Lantern at night 1

Product reviews

MSC collapsible Solar LED Camping Lantern

What a great product! Used 2 of these under my truck awning on a 3-day event. More than enough illumination, without being blinding. Lasted all 3 days, perfect for cooking, etc. A nice touch is the outer casing is luminous, and easy to find in the dark! Just bought 2 more, does that assure you these are a must-have? Kevin

- K. C. - 1 year ago

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