MSC Overland + Waterproof 18Ah 5V/12V/19V Power Bank and Jump starter

MSC Overland + + 12V usb jump starter and phone power bank
MSC Overland + usb jump starter, laptop & phone power bank
  • Universal very high-performance large capacity Premium Power Bank and external battery

  • Will recharge all USB-charged devices, including all mobile phones and 5V tablets

  • A recent review in Auto Express

  • Petrol, Hybrid, Diesel (up to 5.0L) & Stop-Start 12V battery jump starter.

  • Has a 12V Female Ciggie Fly lead to run CPAP machine, inverter, tyre inflators etc

  • Jumper lead spread length 43cm, optional additional lead of 85cm spread

  • Variable voltage facility of 12V and 19V to charge most other portable devices including Notebooks and Laptops

  • High-power LED torch, SOS flashlight, Strobe light

  • Optional USB LED flexible reading light

  • Recharges from the mains (5 hours), 12V car socket  or optional MSC Folding Solar

  • Able to jump-start a Diesel/Petrol boat or vehicle engine over 20 + times per recharge

  • Over 6 full charges of a standard phone per recharge

  • Premium Lithium-ion battery holds a charge for months

  • Supplied with 3 x USB phone connectors (Apple Lightning, Micro and C Type USB ) selection of laptop 'tips' and battery jump leads

  • Comes with both 14V/1A mains and a car charger

  • Customer reviews below

  • 1-year warranty

MSC Overland + usb jump starter and power bank
MSC Overland + usb jump starter, laptop & phone power bank
MSC Overland+ charging Laptop through 200W Inverter
MSC Overland+ charging Laptop through 200W Inverter

The MSC Overland  Plus Universal power bank, Laptop charger and 12V car battery jump starter are most suitable for anyone doing solo Overland travel or has a boat. These have been used as power banks for Expeditions across the Antarctic & Everest Base etc. This high capacity, very high-performance premium power bank will charge all 5V USB mobile devices (phones, tablets, Garmin, Go Pro, etc) most laptops and other portable devices, including CPAP machines,  at 12V or 19V.

MSC 18000mAh boat engine jump start
MSC 18000mAh boat engine jump start
MSC Overland + starting 2.3t SAAB
MSC Overland + starting 2.3t SAAB

It also has the capability to start a diesel or petrol or boat engine up to 20+ times from full charge. It is very robust and compact and will hold a charge for months. Ideal equipment for overland travel or for people who go 'off-grid' in rural locations. It charges from either a vehicle Ciggie socket, mains or our optional Solar Folding Panel Chargers.

MSC Overland + & MSC 12v/19v 45W Solar
MSC Overland + & MSC 12v/19v 45W Solar
MSC Overland + & MSC 12v/19v 45W Solar
MSC Overland + & MSC 12v/19v 45W Solar

Product Features

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Robust and Compact Design
  • Very high-performance 18000mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge
  • Simple one-button operation
  • LED torch, Strobe and SOS flashlight
  • Retains power for months
  • 12V Battery jump-start facility for all Diesel  and Petrol engines, including marine
  • Compact and robust zip carry case
  • Recharges from the mains or Car USB or our Folding Solar Panels
  • A variable voltage of 5V, 12V and 19V Output
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electric cigarettes, Bluetooth, Garmin and all USB-charged devices

Technical Specifications

  • 18Ah/66Wh high-output Lithium-ion battery
  • Input DC 14V/1A
  • Output  USB: DC 5V/2A
  • Output 2 DC : 12V/10A or  19V/3.5A (Notebook)
  • Jump Start Mode: Start current 350A, Peak current 700A
  • Cycle life > 1000 full charges/discharges
  • Charge time via mains 6 hours
  • Operating Temperature : -20C- +60C
  • Dimensions : 210 x 96 x 33mm
  • Optional DC Plug adapter for solar: 2.1mm/1.3mm.
  • Weight: 775g
MSC Overland + pumping up Argus Canoe
MSC Overland + pumping up Argus Canoe
MSC Overland + pumping up Argus Canoe
MSC Overland + charging 12v Radio
MSC Overland + charging 12v Radio
MSC Overland + running 12v Tyre inflator
MSC Overland + running 12v Tyre inflator

Product reviews

Overland +

I’m going to say nothing about customer service. I remember when life was hard but service was smiling and ubiquitous. I’m old enough to remember farthings and florins, when half a crown would buy you twenty Woodbines and a pint of light and bitter; when the milk came round by horse and cart, and sniffing mothballs was the nation’s only maddening addiction; when socks were darned, and knicker elastic was in every housewife’s basket; when cheese was guillotined with wire, and bacon sliced to the customer’s specified thickness by a shiny spinning blade; when bubble and squeak lasted until Friday, and silver weddings were celebrated with spam and mash. And when retailers didn’t have to go the extra mile because the full distance was the expected, everyday norm.

The people banging on here about MSC’s customer service clearly are bemused youngsters with no experience of how retailing can, and was, and should, be done. Their astonishment tells you all you need to know.

About the Overland: A word of caution: Hide it from children. Don’t let them get near it. I know all about kids. Today’s kids are insatiably acquisitive. When I was a kid I had nothing. I used to leg it to school on an empty stomach, snatching from front garden bird feeders, and keeping from freezing to death by garbing myself with newspaper——chip-greasy on a good day.

I understand how, with a power bank in hand, a modern kid would joyfully transmute himself into Harry Potter. I confess that my new Overland instantly brought out the big kid in me, smugly driving away having left my headlights on all night. En route, I kept an eye out for stranded motorists. I will likely now do so whenever I’m out and about. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, you’ll say. Yes, but don’t show off. Don’t swagger. Be nonchalant, blasé. It’s a more satisfying way to patronise the less fortunate.

You won’t believe me; I couldn’t believe it, myself. When I reached my destination there were three joyless guys who’d been trying to push-start an old Transit. They’d run out of slope, and the banger was nosed to the busy highway. A couple of minutes later they departed in a cloud of blue-black smoke.

Did I resist the urge to swagger? I was shameless.

Since then I’ve done a bit more research. Was I wise to invest in an MSC Overland rather than something from the wide range of cheaper products available? Oh, yes, I’m old enough to know the difference.

- Stuart Rumens - 2 weeks ago


I bought this as a replacement for a similarly priced Noco unit (which died after about 18 months) and honestly can't believe how good this product is. I have an old VW van which sits for weeks at a time without use, and has had a completely flat battery for months now. I've been using it a little more, and my MSC+ has started it 20+ times from flat, and I haven't needed to recharge it yet. I can't believe how much better it is that the Noco, which I'd have to charge up after 4-5 jumps. Thoroughly recommend, although I should have gone for the longer jump leads as the included ones are quite short given the inconveniently located battery in my bus.

- Dan - 1 month ago

Re MSC Overland plus

I have just received the power pack and first impression is of quality and extras included cover all needs . Not surprised as when researching for one of these the advice given over the phone was brilliant ,by someone who has full knowledge of the product and wether it would be suitable for my application.
So reassuring to buy something and be able to talk to someone over the phone for proper advice.
Would thoroughly recommend this company and product.

- Bryan Chittil - 3 months ago

Ordering a new one!

I bought an original 9AH starter a year or so back. It has performed faultlessly on the number of occasions the battery in my car has discharged through little use. (This seems to be a theme with modern cars.)
Then made the mistake of lending it to No2 Son to start his narrowboat diesel engine - and never seen it since!

So I'm about to order the Overland + as a replacement.

Highly recommended - they just work!

- Nick Reynolds - 7 months ago

This is the best powerbank I've ever owned

. It never seems to lose charge. After being away for a long period I used my 4 year old unit to start a 5 litre V8 a 5.7 litre V8 and a 6.8 litre V10 from dead (without charging before or in between). They all sounded like they were starting with a fully charged battery.

- John Pie - 9 months ago

OverLand Power Bank +

I was in the motor trade over 20 yrs. I've never come across a better-performing product. I use it for jump starting cars. I've never seen the blue lights go below 4. Mostly it stays at 5, months in the car with no degradation. I've started my car multiple times as I don't use it a lot. My boys BMW Z3 2.8 was dead as a dodo after leaving lights on. No problem. It started it first touch in bitter cold. The component quality is extremely high on this product. Worth every penny. 👍👌

- Peter Jeffries - 10 months ago

Excellent Product and Customer Service ,

I purchased the MSC Overland+ just under 2 years ago ,I have used the unit to jump start a car only once , it worked first time as expected .I have used it a few times to run a laptop with a flat battery.
The product is excellent .However a few days ago i did have a problem recharging the unit via the mains charger. I Contacted MSC for advice ,i was told to use the car charger and see it it would then charge .It did ,therefore the mains charger was faulty. I contacted MSC again with the result .Although it was outside the 12 month warranty they said they would send me a replacement mains charger no charge ,I received it within a few days .Excellent service .

- Colin Haines - 11 months ago

Overland + Power Bank

Always very sceptical about the claims of such products but, with the cold weather approaching, bought one a couple of weeks ago. Arrived home yesterday from a short holiday to find that my 16 year XTrail, which was blocking the drive, wouldn’t start. Used the Power Bank and it started immediately. Impressive. Already paid for itself so if you are debating if they are worthwhile I can only suggest they are.

- Peter Kenwright - 12 months ago

Power bank and jump starter

What a fantastic bit of kit
I had been away on holiday for two weeks and when I came home my battery was as flat as a pancake I needed to take my son to the airport that night so I phoned my dad who has the power bank and jump leads he came round and hooked it up and a minute later and first time turning over the car started up bearing in mind it’s a 3.2 litre diesel merc
Like I said what an impressive bit of kit

- Dean Todd - 1 year ago

Got me out of a hole

I have owned this pack for almost 2 years, and it been sat in the back of the car 'waiting' for the inevitable day when the small special 'DESS' battery in my Megane RS would give up...

Today was that day!

Connected everything up, no fuss, no drama, no sparks - car started straight back up!

Occasionally use it for other things such as charging my phone or using the 12v aux socket for an air bed pump.

Tried to charge my laptop (older Dell Lattitude), and it will charge, however the laptop does not recognise the charger so defaults to a slower charge. Mileage may vary with other laptops but something to keep in mind. Modern USB-C style charge ports may be better with an appropriate 12v aux socket adapter.

- Stephen Harding - 1 year ago

MSC Overland + Waterproof 18Ah 5v/12v/19v Power Bank and Jump starter

I have used a MSC Overland + Waterproof 18Ah 5v/12v/19v Power Bank and Jump starter for a number of years. When its required for my diesel car, the vehicle starts immediately on every occasion the Power Bank is used.

The service received from MSC has always been been 1st Class.

- David Franzen - 1 year ago

MSC Overland + for the win!

Having tried a number of other power banks and vehicle jump starting solutions, none of which did everything I wanted or everything well, I came across the MSC Overland + which has proven to be an absolute champ!

Easy to carry in the car or backpack, waterproof for safety in the rain, powerful enough to start a 3.0l V6 Audi diesel with ease (many times), capable to run and charge an iPad Pro from 10% to full approx twice… The MSC Overland + is the best power bank jump starter I’ve come across. The smart jumper leads are a little short for ease of use on the biggest batteries in awkward spots (and the optional longer leads are not smart enabled), but the built in light and the ability to plug in and run a positionable LED light (a low cost optional extra not to be missed) from the USB port whilst jump starting is fantastic. This little device comes in a carry case that stores everything you need to keep your battery powered lifestyle on the go.

The customer service is great too with next day delivery even though I ordered later in the day. An excellent all round experience and I’ll happily use MSC again.

- Nate Benito - 1 year ago

Overland Jump Starter

Ordered this on Tuesday morning 01:00arrived today (Wednesday) in Northern Ireland - now that’s how online ordering should be - and no silly surf Ards on shipping ((Northern Ireland is still part of the UK) is 199% on shipping and delivery
I purchased this having read many reviews I had been tempted to buy a NOCO GB50 but a case was £24 extra and Amazon wouldn’t ship to me so FAIL
this charger has just about everything you could wish for including mains and cigarette lighter charging along with a plethora of adapters that all fit neatly into the SUPPLIED semi-hard carry case. - Build quality looks excellent if it lasts as long as others say I’ll be more than happy - Thank you Mobile Solar Chargers for both excellent service and an excellent product!

- Boyd - 1 year ago

MSC Overland + jump starter

I had been looking for over a year for a good quality jump starter/power bank. Being remote with no access to power and off line, I contacted and ordered directly by phone. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and the product arrived by next day courier. I have used the power bank many times now for tablet, laptop and phone. An excellent product, by people with good customer service.

- Trev Dolley - 1 year ago

MSC Overland +

I too was sceptical about these being able to start a very flat 12v car battery especially a large 2.4 diesel, but after speaking to Tim i took the plunge after being advised to go for the Overland + Have used it twice already on my 2006 Volvo that has a parasitic battery drain. It started that with absolute ease and still has full power remaining!! It is very well made and easy to use,Will be keeping this in the car ready for next time, I cant recommend this enough.
It arrived very quickly too, next day i think.
Thanks for the Usb light, its a nice touch. 5 stars from me.

- David Whateley - 1 year ago

MSC Overland + IP65 18Ah 5v/12v/19v Power bank & 12v jump starter

I purchased this a few months ago and had to use it in december, and found it started my 2.0L car. I am very happy with this item as was worth every penny. After starting my car I put back on charge to find only one LED was out, so this would start multiple times on one charge. This is a great item to have and give it 10/10, thanks

- Chris G - 2 years ago


I decided to add a flexible led light to my order after I had paid for an Overland + without and got an email from MSC saying they had put one in the box at no extra cost. Now that’s what I call customer service. 10/10. Thank you.

- Neil Corby - 2 years ago

Overland + Jumper

I bought the Overland + after having a less than pleasant experience with a NoCo unit and seeing good reviews for the MSC batteries.

I needed something that could provide me with backup power for tablets, a laptop and a phone whilst working in the countryside but also to start my diesel estate if I flatten the battery - which happens far more often than it should!

Within days of receiving the Overland+ I woke to find i had left my inverter plugged in and the car battery was flat, not even able to run the radio. Connecting the Overland+ and pushing the start button kicked the engine into life immediately yet still had a full charge available according to the charge LEDs.

I cannot recommend this unit highly enough, the build quality, comprehensive accessory kit and case provide just about everything you could need. If you want a reliable car booster that runs laptops, tablets and phones this is definitely for you.

- Dave A - 2 years ago

Well worth the price.

This item is well worth every penny , not cheap , but it works very well. It jump started a 1.4 Fiesta within 1 minute of being attached ,not to much of a test for it but much better than messing around with jump leads. This battery will always be in the boot of the car , replacing the now redundant jump leads .Comprehensive selection of leads to charge most things , highly recommend.

- Richard - 2 years ago


Excellent service and brilliant powerbank and jump starter and when you call absolutely brilliant and best service thank you so much.

- Andrzej Netkowski - 2 years ago

MSC Overland Plus

Agree with the previous, glowing, reviews. Excellent service from MSC (I believe it's Tim I spoke to and he is very generous with his time and advice).

Item was temporarily out of stock but that was made perfectly clear and as soon as they became available again I received mine within a day or so via DPD (excellent tracking of the parcel too).

I've just orderd a second identical unit and have, again, bought the flexible LED light for a couple of pounds extra ... it's a cracking little light too.

I am very satisfied and have no regrets at not buying one of the NOCO jump starters which don't come with a mains charger, or a decent hard protective case, or a readily available UK distributor to contact in person - and are considerably more expensive.

- K Britton - 2 years ago

MSC Overland + extra long jump leads

Very good service and very good customer care. 10/10 will definitely order again, the product works fantastically.

- Andrzej Netkowski - 2 years ago

MSC Overland + IP65 18000Amh

Ordered this at about 3:30PM yesterday and clicked on next day delivery even though It was past the posted cut off time for NBD Delivery . Well sure enough it arrived before lunch today, was fully charged when I received so was immediately able to jump start my 4.0 V8 vintage car . I am impressed and thank you for a great service .....

- Robert Ingram - 2 years ago

Very impressed with MSC Overland Jump starter

I bought the MSC Overland + IP65 after seeing a very good review of it on auto express and I am very happy with it. I am also really impressed with the customer service provided by the company I asked some questions and they came back to me almost straight away with detailed answers and pictures. I placed my order in the afternoon and it arrived the next day. Very impressed and would definitely recommend them.

- Nigel Hooper - 2 years ago

MSC Overland+ Jumper

I spent some time looking at standby chargers before purchasing the MSC Overland+ Jumper starter/power bank and I must say I am very impressed with the design and build quality of the . There has been a considerable amount of effort gone in to the design of the product and everything works beautifully, a bit like Apple products, not the cheapest out there but works well and is pleasing to use/own.

There are some really nice touches/features to this jump starter, not found on other products, like the heavy rubber seals over every socket and not mentioned above is the Red/Green LEDs in the boost charger leads which tells you status of the battery and the readiness to start your car, really well thought out.

You get the usual 5V USB output but the 12V accessory output is a real bonus as is the 19V for charging laptops. I often need 12V to power things not in reach of the car's cig socket and this fits perfectly.

At 18AHr it would even power a laptop for quite some time, if you were camping or away from a power source.

Even the humble light on the front has some nice touches, not only does it give a good beam, but flashes as a bright strobe and also sends SOS in morse code ( ... --- ... ), hopefully I will never have to use this feature.

All of the leads/plugs are good quality and it is nicely packaged in a strong zipper case.

5 * all round for build quality, features, and price/performance ratio.

- Dr. Robin - 2 years ago

Jump Starter/Powerbank

I recently purchased a powerbank as I have a 'winter unfriendly' car. I haven't had the need to use it yet but I had such excellent service from Tim who ensured that I was confident to use the device. He couldn't have been more helpful. It has removed the dread of discovering that 'car says no' when you need to be somewhere. I can now whip it into action. Many thanks Tim - I can't tell you how grateful I am.

- Kathy Hope - 2 years ago

MSC Overland + Jump Starter

I have to say I am old school, I didn’t realise such devices existed. On discovering such technology I very nearly went out and purchased the first booster I saw, a product that claimed thousands of amps capacity with multiple start capability etc. Alarm bells started to ring as I couldn’t understand these figures. I researched further and soon discovered many of these claims are misleading at best, many of the products couldn’t turn an engine over once, never mind starting it.
I eventually purchased the MSC Overland + after much research and discussions with the company, who were very knowledgeable and helpful. This booster pack actually does what it should do, it’s simple to use and has loads of power, I genuinely can’t speak highly enough about this product. I will certainly be purchasing a second unit.
Excellent service and fast delivery, everything is ++++

- Chris Lilley - 3 years ago

Overland plus

Great quality, very quick delivery. Free usb led light a bonus, could be very useful as we have occasional mains power outages.

- John Blackburn - 3 years ago

Overland magic

Had my Overland + now 10 months and used it 9 times. The company I work for pay £ 200 for an emergency start from a breakdown company so I have saved them £1800. Says it all, I cannot praise MSC Overland enough, great product, plus I have helped workmates out too and saved them sitting waiting for breakdown services. All in all a quality product that keeps me moving on the road.

- Roger G - 3 years ago

MSC Overland + IP65

Spoke to Tim, told him what I needed, a power bank for blowing up a dinghy and a paddleboard. Also want it as a stand-by jump starter for my 3+ litre car.
Tim advised the MSC Overland + IP65, which arrived today.
E-mail yesterday telling me it had been sent, e-mail today advising a time slot for delivery. Excellent.
Once I got my hands on the MSC Overland + IP65 and having ripped the wrapping off, it was out to the garden with the electric pump. Literally 5 minutes later all 3 chambers in the 2.65 mtr. dinghy were inflated to the recommended 3psi. Fantastic.
Now on to the paddleboard.
Aqua Marina Beast. 8 minutes, 15 psi! Joy!
Hopefully no-more pumping a hot SUP hand pump and gasping for over 10 minutes!
The power bank? It's still showing 3 lights from its original delivery charge.
Obviously early days but the MSC Overland + IP65 is doing exactly what I want it to do.
As for the advice and service from MSC. Exemplary.
Would definitely use again.

- Rob Munns - 3 years ago

MSC Overland + Power Bank

I have had to use the jump start a few times lately and it has been faultless. So reassuring to have in the boot.
Excellent service from a friendly company who went that extra mile.

- Tim Benham - 3 years ago

Overland Jumper Power Bank

I have dealt with MSC for a few years now, the level of service is still exemplary, with total focus on the customer. I have every confidence promoting their products to my customers and in the case of this power bank (New to me) it started a totally dead 5.7 V8 first time. The same as the previous unit I had from them which I broke!
It's the same story with their solar panels and other power banks. I have a number of them for personal use and also for demonstration to my customers. Never fails to impress and exceed expectations.
I am not being paid to review, just an honest assessment of a good old fashioned quality provider of both product and service from an old bugger (Pension is just around the corner) that can still remember what good quality service and product really means. Refreshing in this day and age of online purchase, this is a supplier to trust, hence I've put my name to this review.

- Kevin Cains - 3 years ago

MSC overland + jumper power bank

Top quality bit of kit .3.5l diesel van been sitting for 3 months with zero battery power, Overland + jumper power bank started it first try straight out of the packaging from delivery. Can't say any more than that, good quality product, first-class service during the Covid situation. Will definitely use MSC in future 10/10

- Greig Morrison - 3 years ago

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought this to jump start a Subaru Forester. It came 3/4 charged (which as it turned out would have easily been enough charge) but as I had to drive 40 miles to the vehicle I topped it up to full charge before setting off. The car battery was totally dead, even the ignition lights wouldn't come on. I clipped the unit to the battery and the car started straight away. I checked the unit's charge and all 4 LED's were still lit. About 10 mins later the car stopped and still didn't have enough charge to restart (although this time lights etc worked and I could hear the starter solenoid clicking). Clipped the unit back on and again it started the car and again was still showing 4 LED's. Very impressive.
It comes in a nice case and with a lot of accessories, some of which I will be using very soon.
A final thumbs-up goes to Tim at mobile solar chargers who went out of his way to make sure I got the unit the next day even though I'd missed the 10am limit for next day delivery..

- Tony Docherty - 3 years ago

MSC Overland+ jump starter

I bought the MSC Overland+ to jump-start my diesel-engined car after I discovered it had a flat battery. It performed the task perfectly.
Incredibly compact in design and able to recharge my laptop and phone, the original outlay will prove more than worth it in the long run.
Great customer care from purchase to delivery. Highly recommend.

- Vince Hale - 3 years ago

MSC Overland Jumper Power Bank

Great product (Overland Power Bank), but more importantly, excellent customer service.

- Pete Simpson - 4 years ago

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