Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank (4 + phone charges)

We are currently out of stock and due to Global Manufacturing conditions do not have a date for new stock in the near future. The alternative is the larger Overland +.

MSC Overland Power bank and jump starter
MSC Overland Power bank and jump starter
  • Has come top in the Auto Express Jumper reviews for the past 4 years

  • Petrol engines (up to 2.5L), Diesel (up to 2.0L) 600amp peak, 12v battery jump starter.

  • For larger Diesel (2L+) & larger Petrol (2.5L +) choose the 5-19V 18Ah Overland + with 750A output.

  • Universal high-performance large capacity Premium Power Bank and external battery with added Jump-start facility.

  • Suitable for jump-starting all Quads, Motorbikes & Outboards.

  • Will charge all USB-charged devices, including all mobile phones and 5v tablets

  • Water-resistant IP65 rated suitable for boat engines.

  • Jumper lead spread length 43cm, optional additional lead of 100cm spread

  • High power Led torch, strobe flashlight.

  • Recharges from the mains/car USB (5 hours) or one of our  Solar Panels.

  • Supplied with battery jump leads & a female 12v Power socket to run 12v devices such as tyre inflators and air pumps.

  • Water-resistant protective zip case for storage

MSC Overland Power Bank and Jump Starter
MSC Overland Power Bank and Jump Starter
MSC Overland Jumper Power Bank
MSC Overland Jumper Power Bank

The MSC Overland USB power bank & 12v battery jump starter is most suitable, combined with one of our solar panel chargers, for Overland Travel, motorbikes or boats, and marine environments. Compact, robust and dual-purpose with multiple charging capability. The included 12v Female cigarette lighter power out lead, enables the charging of most 12v devices with a male car lead.

MSC Overland Power Bank and MSC 13W Solar
MSC Overland Power Bank and MSC 13W Solar
MSC Overland Power Bank running 12v Tyre inflator
MSC Overland Power Bank running 12v Tyre inflator

It has a peak power output of 600A to start petrol (up to 2.5L) car, motorbike or outboard boat engines. The larger and more powerful Overland + will start any engine (diesel or petrol) up to 5L.

It is very robust and compact and will hold a charge for months. It charges from either a vehicle USB socket or USB mains or our solar panels. The Overland Special offer package adds a 13W solar panel, Power Stick, USB torch and light for complete off-grid/boat or motorbike power generation and backup.

MSC Overland Jumper leads
MSC Overland jumper leads
MSC Overland starting 2.3t SAAB
MSC Overland starting 2.3t SAAB

Product Features

  • Dustproof, Shockproof, Robust and Compact Design
  • Simple one-button operation
  • LED torch & Strobe
  • Retains power for months
  • 12v Battery jumpstart facility
  • Recharges from the mains USB or Car aux or Solar panel
  • USB  5v/2A & 12v
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electric cigarettes, Bluetooth, Garmin and all USB charged devices
  • Comes complete with all leads, jump start connectors, USB lead and strong compact water-resistant zip case

Technical Specifications

  • 34Wh/9200mAh high output Lithium-ion battery
  • Water-resistant IP65 tested
  • Input DC  5v/ 1.6A
  • High-performance Grade 'A' Batteries
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge, overcharge/undercharge
  • Output  USB:  5v/2.1A
  • Jump Start Mode: Start current 300A, Peak current 600A
  • Cycle life > 1000 full charge/discharges
  • Charge time via mains 5 hours
  • Dimensions : 155 x 87 x 34mm
  • Weight: 430g
MSC Overland pumping up 4m canoe
MSC Overland pumping up 4m canoe
MSC Overland pumping up 4m canoe
MSC Overland pumping up 4m canoe

Product reviews

9.2ah power bank/jumper

Tried & returned 2 different power banks before purchasing this one after reading some reviews & knowing I could return it if rubbish.
Used today on a Kuga 2.0 tdci with a battery reading 11v (Ford Bluetooth power drain issues) not a problem fired up straight away & the pack still has 4 lights showing, just don't bother with any others this one works.

- M Armstrong - 3 months ago

Great Customer Service

My son and daughter bought the MSC Overland Power Bank and are extremely pleased, especially my daughter, as she had a flat battery in her car and was able to start the engine first time.
After viewing the product I ordered one as well and it arrived the next day. Unfortunately the Power Bank switch for the light was defective. I spoke to Tim and without any fuss he replaced it with another one which arrived the next day and is working.
I’m so impressed with this company for its efficient fast service and Tim was a joy to deal with. Thanks

- David Dewar - 7 months ago

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank

Searched for the best jump starter and this one had top reviews.
Having charged it and then used it all those reviews were justified. Started 1.6l car just as quickly as any jump leads. This is also a torch and phone charger.

- Michael O'Mahony - 1 year ago

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter

Excellent product! Used it for the first time today on my completely dead MX-5 and it started straight away.

Unless I use the car at least once a week the battery goes flat but the last time was a trip to the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. It’s comforting to know I can now start it anytime I need to in seconds rather than having to wait hours for the trickle charger to do it’s job.

Very impressed with the design, it’s waterproof, looks stylish and has everything you need packaged together in a smart zip-up case.

- GUY HAMMOND - 1 year ago

MSC 12V jump starter

Swiftly delivered but what was more important was that one item was damaged and was very quickly replaced.
Really excellent service.

- Roger Newbury - 1 year ago

MSC Overland 9.2Ah 3.2L Porsche 911

First.. I have to thank the gentleman I spoke to on the phone who gave me ALL the possible advice that I needed before purchase. His advice was honestly PRICELESS!!. He even made sure I get it next day

I bought the 9.2Ah Overland, wanted the 18Ah Overland Plus higher spec model to start my non-starting 3.2L 911 but the Plus was not in stock.

My non-starting 3.2L 911, which engine was not even turning over, in the snow, where it was stuck and not been driven for over a week in the Minus 8 Degrees weather here and frozen with a dead battery.... started immediately

Great item, great customer service!

- Errol - 1 year ago

Overland waterproof IP65 12v jump starter

Thank you Tim for your time giving me useful advice. As you mentioned the starter is slightly overkill for its primary use of starting my scooter which I leave at the airport for long periods, but the convenience of having a portable power pack on the plane with me and the comfort of being able to start my bike if its flat, takes one less worry out of the trip!!

- Richard Wilson - 1 year ago

IP65 12v jump starter & 9.2Ah 5v usb Power Bank

Compact unit, nicely packaged. Customer service from Tim was exemplary.

It jump-started my 1.8L car with ease. Would recommend this as a useful piece of get-back-on-the-road kit for all-weather motoring.

- andrew machugh - 2 years ago

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