Travel and Trek 13w Solar Panel Charger & 2600mAh + 10000mAh IP68 Power Bank, Torch, Led Light, £25 off

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£97.95 (inc VAT)
MSC 13W Travel And Trek Package
MSC 13W Travel And Trek Package

13w Solar Panel and Waterproof 10000mAh & 2600mAh  power bank, 2 x Light, Torch, special package, £25 Saving

This special package is most suited to those who need reliable ongoing power whilst off-grid or travelling. The SunPower 13w (retail £49.95 ) fold-out solar panel, easily fits in a rucksack and is robust and water-resistant. There are options to upgrade to a waterproof 10W  CIGS Expedition panel and higher capacity power banks.

The IP68 dual USB  Aqua Trek QC 10,000mAh (£49.95) power banks are very robust, fit in the pocket and will give a phone 3 + charges, or the optional IP67  Aqua Trek + 18000mAh will store 8 + charges. Apart from Travel and Camping, they can also be used in everyday life, on their own and recharged via USB. They both have an inbuilt Led torch with SOS facility.  Also included in the package is our MSC 2600mAh Power Stick (£9.95), USB Torch (£6.95) and 2 x LED Light (£3.95). Bought individually this package retails for £125, a saving of £25.00. 

This same package has been used to power Expeditions to the Arctic/Antarctic/Himalayas and Gobi desert.

Our high output 13W  SunPower solar panel charger will fold to the size of a magazine when not in use and is easily transportable. It has 4 attachment points for hanging on a boat, tent, tree or rucksack whilst charging 2 devices simultaneously.

The 2A peak power (same power as mains phone charging) dual USB solar regulator will automatically control the charging current to give a constant charge.

The zip pocket in the back secures any device to charge whilst on the move. Light, flexible and very robust. This unit normally retails for £54.95. There is an option to upgrade this panel for one of those below.

MSC 13W Folding Solar Charger
MSC 13W Folding Solar Charger
MSC 10W CIGS Lightweight folding Solar
MSC 10W CIGS Lightweight folding Solar

 The 13W SunPower panel has multiple attachment points for hanging off a rucksack etc. There is also an ultralight CIGS Expedition 10W  (on the right above) or 20W CIGS panel, retails for £64.95 (£10 to upgrade) particularly suited in areas of brighter sunshine and where weight is a priority.  Check the links above to decide the most suitable for your needs, or get in touch. You can choose which panel or power bank over the standard package at check out.

MSC 13w Travel & Trek Solar Charger
MSC 13w Travel & Aqua Trek Solar Charger
MSC Travel & Trek with 7800Ah Aqua Trek
MSC Travel & Trek with 7800Ah Aqua Trek
MSC Aqua Trek 10000mAh
MSC Aqua Trek 10000mAh

For personal power, to keep your phones, GPS, Tablet going whilst you are out and about, we have included the Dual USB QC Aqua Trek iP68 10Ah as a standard power bank, with the option to upgrade to the larger dual USB 18,000mAh Aqua Trek +  (rectangle Green).

This waterproof portable rechargeable battery is uniquely suited to outdoor activities. It has a bright LED torch, a potentially crucial piece of safety equipment, particularly in a marine environment.

The premium grade 'A' LG batteries hold a full charge for up to a year and have a very little loss on DC transfer, giving the maximum number of charges for a given capacity.

They easily fit in a rucksack or pocket, are shockproof and dustproof and can have a carabiner to attach to clothing.

This very robust 10,000mAh power bank will charge a Qualcomm compatible phone (Samsung S6/7) in 45mins, retails at £44.95, and the Aqua Trek + at £69.95 when bought separately.

MSC Aqua Trek  & 10W CIGS Solar panel
MSC Aqua Trek & 10W CIGS Solar panel
MSC Aqua Trek + 18000mAh Waterproof Power Bank
MSC Aqua Trek + 18000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

To complete the package we have added the compact Power Stick and 2 x USB 28 LED light (£3.95), both compatible with any USB socket or Power Bank.  The LED light can be used as work lights and will run off any USB outlet, i.e. Laptop, USB power bank or vehicle.

In common with all our portable batteries and solar chargers, although they might have been bought for a specific purpose, once you are used to having reserve power at hand, they will prove most useful in everyday life.

MSC Power Stick & iPhone
MSC Power Stick & iPhone
MSC USB High power Torch
MSC USB High power Torch
MSC 12w Solar panel & Aqua Trek, Arctic
MSC 12w Solar panel & Aqua Trek, Arctic

13w/10w Solar Panel Charger

  • 13w/10w Monocrystalline/CIGS flexible solar panel
  • Dual/Single USB auto-start solar controller
  • Output  : 5v/2A
  • Size Open (13W/10W) : 350/512 x 320/267 x 7/8 mm
  • Size Folded (13W/10W : 170/138 x 320/267 x 18/18 mm
  • Weight: 450/210g
  • 1-year warranty
  • 4/3 attachment points for hanging

Aqua Trek

10000/18000mAh Power Bank

  • LG/Samsung high-performance 10000mAh or 18000mAh battery capacity
  • Aqua Trek : Input DC 5v / 2A , Output Dual USB  at 5v/3A, QC : 9v/2A, 12v/1.5A
  • Aqua Trek + : Input DC 5v / 2A Output  USB 1 : 5v 1.5A, USB 2 : 5v 2.4A
  • Cycle life > 500 full charge/discharges
  • Charge time via mains 5/10 hours
  • Weight: 230/470g

1 Year Warranty

Got a question about which charger is right for you?

Click here to contact us

MSC Travel & Trek Standard Package
MSC Travel & Trek Standard Package
MSC Travel & Trek 13W ETFE Solar option
MSC Travel & Trek 13W ETFE Solar option

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Great customer service

Solar charger works great, just what we needed for family camping.

Tim was very helpful and responsive on communications. Very happy to purchase from this company and would 100% recommend over Amazon or other

- Rob - 3 months ago

Traverse Madagascar

his awesome kit fully squared us away during our traverse of Madagascar.

- Expedition 5 - 2 years ago

Kilimanjiro phone charging

Great service, friendly attitude and quick communication. Couldn't be happier with my transaction with MSC.

- Guorun Gestsdottir - 2 years ago

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