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Portable Chargers with Solar
Portable Chargers with Solar
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Portable Solar Panel Chargers
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Charging Accessories

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  • Solar power banks, Portable phone chargers, with or without Solar backup, all recharge on mains/PC/Car usb

  • Portable Charging for iPhone 4,5,6, Samsung S3, S4, S5, S6, Note 2,3,4, Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia and all usb charged devices

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  • Capacity ranges from 2 full phone charges to 12+ charges, before it needs a recharge.

  • Assume a phone needs 2000mah (less for an iPhone charger, more for a Galaxy charger) and a Tablet 3000mah +

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Some of our featured products

Why is there such a difference in price of portable chargers on the internet ?

There is a vast variation in quality of battery (the main expense) in power banks and solar chargers. You very much get what you pay for, Li-Po batteries should be expensive if they are going to be worth having. The best are Samsung and Panasonic, reliable, safe and low loss on DC transfer, giving more charges per capacity.

All the manufacturers buy in the outer shells and put in their own batteries and electronics and often misrepresent the true capacity. Two identical looking products can perform very differently. In 2 years of specialising in portable power, we have been very careful in sourcing legitimate and high quality products, that should work for years, rather than weeks.

Universal Portable back up Power for all mobile phones, Tablets and all 5v usb charged devices including iPhone charger and Samsung charger

  • Multiple usb 6 port and 10 port mains chargers

  • Genuine proven products, not copies, True Capacity, Samsung or Grade A premium batteries

  • A solution to the new Airport restrictions to prove your device works

  • Universal, Reliable portable chargers, back up power for all usb charged devices, Phones, Tablets, etc

  • Keep your 'Mobile' mobile, portable power fit for purpose

  • Specialist UK retailer of unique, proven products, established 2012, 1 year warranty on all products

  • All our portable Power Banks and travel phone chargers recharge from usb mains, PC, car and the solar ones also have the addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

Portable power banks, solar chargers and wireless charging
Portable power banks, solar chargers and wireless charging
  • Phone Flat ? = Power Pack  (ready to go when needed !) 

  • Your portable mobile phone charger will  hold it's charge for months.

  • Most of our products will give at least 2 days power for a phone between charges.

  • Portable charging for Festivals and Camping
  • iPhone charger and iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s solar charger
  • iPhone and Samsung S3, S4, S5 wireless charger
MSC Overland Universal power bank
MSC Overland car jumper
MSC CAmping solar phone charger
MSC Camping solar phone charger
MSC Aqua Trek waterproof phone charger
waterproof phone charger

Mobile solar powered phone chargers, wireless phone chargers, portable rechargeable Power Banks, waterproof phone chargers and backup power for most mobile devices including Smart-phones, tablets, blue-tooth, e-readers, mp3, GoPro, Dive Computers and gps.

MSC Lite solar charger
Portable tablet Charger
MSC portable Laptop charger
MSC Portable car jumper power bank
MSC Sport waterproof solar charger
Portable Solar Charger

Which one for me?

Mobile Solar Chargers are the leading UK online specialist of premium solar powered chargers, universal portable rechargeable power banks (non-solar), external batteries, for all mobile phones and most 5v devices, including  Samsung, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Blackberry, HTC. etc.  We have recently also specialized in QI wireless phone chargers for wireless enabled phones, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.  All our portable Power Bank and travel chargers are rechargeable from usb mains, PC or car and the solar ones have the addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

Our smallest, the 'Lite' emergency backup charger is the size of a small mobile and will give a phone at least a 80% full charge (an iPhone 4 a full charge). Our largest solar phone charger, the 'Safari' is the size and weight of a Tablet, but gives about 14 full charges before it needs to be recharged, if it was without any input from the solar trickle charge. In bright sunlight the larger capacity chargers could keep powering an iPhone almost indefinitely. For boat, canoeing, festivals and camping we also have waterproof portable phone chargers and back up batteries.

 Most phone batteries are around 1500Mah - 2500mah, which will mean a 4000Mah charger will give about 2-3 charges before it needs recharging. As an example a portable iPhone charger of 6000mah, would give an iPhone 5 abour 4 full charges. The 23000mah will give about 2 weeks worth of charges, before recharging. We have also just launched portable wireless chargers, which also can act as a portable power bank when away from the mains.

Premium power bank
Premium power bank
MSC 10 x usb mains charger
Multi usb charger
MSC usb torch
MSC usb torch

One year warranty

All our products  come with one year warranty against defects, are pre-charged and come supplied with their own micro usb charge leads. The USB output port will accept and standard USB charging lead.  If you have any queries or questions please contact us at

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Do you require a back up charger for Expeditions?
You never have to be caught out again by your phone battery. Whenever and wherever you need your phone, you can use for a much longer period now. With the invention of solar chargers, you can be sure to keep your phone regularly fully charged and raring to go!
To find out more about back up chargers and solar chargers, see our range here at Mobile Solar Chargers.

Today’s generation have become extremely reliant on mobile phones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, they are useful for a wide range of activities, until they run out of battery.
Come to Mobile Solar Chargers and get yourself a portable solar phone charger for a brilliant price.
Wondering what back up charger you need? Don’t panic, because here at Mobile Solar Chargers we can help you. There are a number of Solar and Wireless chargers available and choosing the right one isn’t as difficult as you may think.

We’re here to help, so please browse our site for more information.