MSC SunPower 45W/60W USB 5v, 12v, 19v Portable Solar Panel Charger

MSC 45W or 60W Folding Solar Panel
Power Bank
Price each
£139.95 (inc VAT)
MSC Folding 45w Solar panel Charger
MSC 45w SunPower Solar Panel charger
  • A robust and portable 45W or 60W 5v USB and 12/19v folding solar charger.
  • Very high-efficiency (22%) light-weight 45/60W SunPower folding solar panel.
  • Superior to Monocrystalline, especially in low light conditions.
  • 5v/3A output for all USB devices including phones and Tablets
  • 45W (60W) 12v/3.5(4.5)A and 19v/2.1(3.1)A for charging 12v batteries and Laptops etc.
  • Comes with a Female 12v USB Car adapter.
  • Connectors to charge a laptop directly & a 12v DC lead to add crocodile connectors.
  • Works very well with our 52AH Super Power Bank and  Overland + Jumper.
  • Velcro pocket to secure devices whilst charging on the move.
  • 6 attachment points for hanging from rucksack or tent.
  • Highly portable and easy to store on a boat or a vehicle.
  • Suitable for Yachts, Camping and Canal, Expeditions off-grid power.
  • Free reliable power each and every day.
  • 1 year warranty
MSC 45W SunPower Folding Solar
MSC 45W SunPower Folding Solar
MSC 45w SunPower Folding Solar
MSC 45w SunPower Folding Solar

The MSC 45/60W SunPower fold out high-efficiency solar chargers are designed to either be used on their own to charge 2 devices (mobile phones/Laptops/Battery) when in direct light or in conjunction with one of our power banks, such as the 52Ah Super Power Bank,  OverlanderAqua Trek to store reserve power for later use. This very compact 3(4) panel folding solar charger is ideal for Camping, Expeditions and Boats. 

With it's  high-efficiency panel and intelligent solar controller it is still able to directly charge an iPad or any USB device and Laptop, even in poor light conditions.

MSC 40w 5v/12v/19v
MSC 40w 5v/12v/19v
MSC 12v & 5v USB
MSC 12v & 5v USB

This solar charger folds into a thin square, about the size of a Laptop bag when not in use, with built-in carrying handle, complete with 5v/12v/19v solar controller and charging case. The numerous attachment points make it easy to fix to a tent or rucksack, or if using with the Overlander, a vehicle or boat. The USB charging port and 12v/19v are next to a secure velcro pocket on the back, enabling your devices to charge on the go and kept dry. Once opened in direct light it will automatically start producing power, to store in a power bank or direct charge to a device.

MSC 40w Solar panel charger
MSC 40w Solar panel charger
MSC 40w Solar panel charger
MSC 40w Solar panel charger

Product Feature

  • 45/60W SunPower folding solar panel charger
  • Dual USB 5v,12v,19v Auto Solar controller
  • Velcro charging pocket
  • 6 attachment points for hanging
  • Female 12v Universal Cigarette adapter
  • Multiple Laptop Connectors
  • 2 Carabiners
  • UV resistant panel, PET anti-scratch surface
  • 1 year warranty

Technical Specification

MSC Sunpower 45W :

  • Output : 5v/3A, 12v/3.5A, 19v/2.1A
  • Size Open/Packed : 965/300 x 346/346 x 5/20mm
  • Weight : 1150g

MSC SunPower 60W :

  • Peak Output: 5v/3A, 12v/4.5A, 19v/3.1A
  • Size: Open/Packed: 1280/300 x 358/358 x 5/24mm
  • Weight : 1600g
MSC 45w SunPower Solar Panel charger & Motorola Radio
MSC 45w SunPower Solar Panel charger & Motorola Radio
MSC 45w SunPower Solar charger & Laptop
MSC 45w SunPower Solar charger & Laptop

Product reviews

MSC 60W SunPower 5v/12v/19v Folding Solar

I see there are a number of reviews in exotic places for this equipment.
A little closer to home, I have used MSC products here in the UK for the last few years to support my off grid South African trailers (I am the sole importer).
Having attended a number of shows, along with personal trips to West Wales (not going to say where exactly, as it is so peaceful and sublime...), North Cornwall, Scotland and so on, all I can say is these solar panels supported my electrical requirements completely, from a combined fridge freezer (fridge to 2 Celsius, freezer down to minus 20), lighting and sufficient reserve for charging ancillaries (Phones, tablets, etc.
In short, as a qualified engineer, I understand the principles of solar charging but there are so many inferior products in the market that lead to a misunderstanding of this sustainable concept.
Fortunately, MSC products are, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the market, with quality products throughout the range. Furthermore, support and advice from Tim is second to none, old school service.
I can also endorse their power banks, having had a number of these for the last few years. As a for instance, their jump starter jump started a 3 litre diesel just before Xmas despite not being charged all year! Still had 80% capacity.
In essence and to summarise, top quality at a fair price and excellent old school advice and support.

- Kevin Cairns - 2 weeks ago

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