Folding Portable Solar Panel Chargers

  • For extended off-grid charging into our  Power Banks.

  • MSC Portable Solar Panel Chargers create power in any direct natural light.

  • Expedition proven over the past 10 years.

  • Range from 8W-200W SunPower, CIGS & Monocrystalline.

MSC Folding 60w Solar panel Charger
MSC Folding 60w Solar panel Charger
  • For extended off-grid charging into our  Power Banks.

  • MSC Portable Solar Panel Chargers generate power in any direct natural light, portable and robust.

  • Off-Grid Power for Camping, Fishing, Expeditions & Trekking and all outdoor activities.

  • They range from 6W -200W  Sunpower, CIGS or Monocrystalline PV Solar.

  • The Output ranges from 5V/1.4Ah to 36V/4Ah.

  • Directly charge all USB 5v devices including phones, Tablets, Bluetooth, GPS.

  • The 12V and 18V solar chargers are also able to charge Laptops, 12V batteries and our larger capacity Power Banks.

The difference between Monocrystalline and Sun-Power is in the surface of the panel. The more expensive patented SunPower cells have greater efficiency, especially when the sun is low or in diffused light. The premium Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) Solar is ultra-lightweight, very flexible and efficient in all light conditions. 

To charge USB devices (phones, Tablets, Cameras) choose one of the folding solar chargers up to 20W. For greater power (above 5V USB) requirements, the larger 30W, 60W and 100W folding solar panels are able to charge 12V batteries and larger Power Banks. Suitable for boats, Camper vans and off-grid portable power.

Do Solar Chargers work in the UK?

  • These are all very high-efficiency solar panels with sophisticated controllers, able to control the variable current from shadows and clouds, giving a reliable constant charge to any electrical device.
  • Even our 13W solar panel charger produces 2Amp output peak, the same as a USB mains socket, free under natural light, each and every day.
  • When used in conjunction with one of our Power Banks or 12V Battery, these solar panel chargers can store power to use at night to charge mobile phones and laptops.
  • When not in use they can be stored indefinitely.

  Although it is true that the brighter the sunlight (not obscured by glass or shadow) the faster the solar panel can convert energy, these premium solar panel chargers just need direct sunlight to produce constant free daily power.

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