James Redden solo walk to the North Pole

James Redden is undertaking a very courageous 200km + solo walk to the North pole to raise awareness and funds for 'Walking with the Wounded', 'Diana Award' and 'Royal SIgnal Benevolent Fund'.

We are supplying his power, which with temperatures as low as -40c has not proved simple. Most Lithium Polymer batteries will not function below -10C and performance reduces the colder it gets. His main needs for power are general communication, update blog, navigation, GPS, lighting and emergency use (satphone).

Due to the awareness of the possible loss of stored power in the batteries, we have supplied a 15w folding solar panel  for direct charge of his devices and to recharge the power banks. He is also taking the Camping 2.5w Solar Charger  whick although has a battery, it also has direct solar feed.

He has 2 x Aqua Trek Power banks, which although LI-Po have appeared to perform very well even at -28C (loss of 5% capacity) , they are well insulated. In comparison the Aluminium power stick, lost 95% of it's charge at the same temperature, due to no insulation from ambient conditions.

The two other items that have proved very useful are the usb torch, and Led lights, removing the need to carry used and new batteries all the way there for lighting, since they run off any power bank.

James Redden last two degrees Artic walk
James Redden last two degrees Artic walk
MSC Solar Chargers on James Redden Artic walk
MSC Solar Chargers on James Redden Artic walk
Mobile Solar Chargers on James Redden Artic walk
Mobile Solar Chargers on James Redden Artic walk

The charities are:

Royal Signals Benevolent Fund - https://www.justgiving.com/NorthPoleLastTwoDegreesRSBF

Walking with the Wounded -

Diana Award (charity set up by Princess Diana. Creates 'child ambassadors' of children who have made exceptional contributions to society.

If you wish to read more please have a look at http://www.jamesredden.co.uk/last-two-degrees-2016/  and spread the word.

Posted by Mobile Solar Chargers on April 14th 2016

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